Friday Finds: Of Marks and Spencer

That title is totally direct! Haha! I figured out that since I’ve been featuring Lulu Hypermarket for the last couple Friday Finds, you’d think they’re sponsoring us or something. Lol, not! It’s just where my family and I go to for Friday groceries that’s why it’s where I mostly find my “finds”. I’m featuring another ‘grocery’ this time. Let’s focus on one of my favorite food halls in the mall: Marks & Spencer. I still remember the day they opened their Food Hall. So many new stuff to choose from! So many things to try! It was the first time I truly enjoyed digestive biscuits haha. As years go by, I still find myself busy reading the labels of products found in M&S Food Hall. I like their branch in Hayat Mall because it has a chiller for ready-to-eat food and easy-to-serve desserts. I was there last Friday and here today, are my Friday Finds:

1. Salted Popped Potato Chips, SR 10

Not just a potato chip. These are POPPED. :P

Not just a potato chip. These are POPPED. 😛

I’m hooked with the Sweet and Salty Popcorn so I could have easily dismissed this potato chips but the “popped” part caught my attention. True enough, this chips is unlike the usual thin ones. They have an airy feel to it but has a certain crunch in every bite. And c’mon, guilt-free snacking? Chomp chomp chomp!

2. Fruit, Nut, and Flakes Cereal, SR 30

What makes a healthy breakfast

What makes a healthy breakfast

Gah, what is this doing in my finds! I hate cereals with fruits and nuts! The only cereal that I eat is Rice Krispies… when it’s already covered and bonded by melted butter and marshmallows! Haha! I am so not a health buff but I should be! I only live one life and I only have one body so this new kind of cereal in Marks & Cereal reminded me of that. Confession: I still didn’t buy it though but I will. I WILL! (Please will, help me! Haha!)

3. Lazy Weekend Ground Coffee, SR 29

The name says it all!

The name says it all!

Lazy weekend? That’s totally my kind of weekend! So this coffee is pretty interesting. I can totally imagine myself drinking this mellow coffee while reading and still plopped in my bed on a Friday morning. It has notes of hazelnut and lemon, an intriguing combination. Ahhhhh this is another way to savor our rest days.

4. White Crab Meat in Brine, SR 29

Crabs, minus the hassle of shelling.

Crabs, minus the hassle of shelling.

I love crabs! I can eat three in one seating. I am really patient when it comes to getting its fat and meat but let’s not kid ourselves… that takes hard work (hard work talaga?!) and it’s time-consuming! Also crabs here in Riyadh are small and thin. Having a can of white crab meat ready in the pantry can save a lot of time when it comes to quick appetizer, snack, sandwich spread, salad toppings, etc.

5. Mandarin Cheesecake, SR 21

Yey, a different filling! Who's tired of strawberries?

Yey, a different filling! Who’s tired of strawberries?

Yeah, this one takes the cake alright! How many of you have eaten a cheesecake that has mandarin orange slices for topping? Yeah, I thought so too. Let’s try this this weekend? Haha!

There goes my Friday! I have my favorites in Marks & Spencers Food Hall including their Mint Chocolate Truffle, Caramel and Pretzel Chocolate Clusters, Honey Roasted Cashew Nuts, and a lot more. What are your favorites? Share!

P.S. Am I the only one bothered with this Jarir Bookstore sign near the parking area of Hayat Mall?

I totally know that's Jarir Bookstore but still. Lol.

I totally know that’s Jarir Bookstore but still. Lol.

Aren’t they suppose to NOT have the P letter (often replacing it with B in pronounciation)? In this case, they might have hated the O so much they replaced them with Ps and even omitted it in “store.” WUT? Haha! Take note that it’s a wrong spelling on a bookstore for gppdness’ sake! Haha!

Have a happy weekend, Riyadhizens!

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