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The first time I saw the ad of Japan Candy Box in Facebook, I was hooked. I immediately went to their site and looked at all the cute and colorful candies they send their subscribers every month. Whay can I say, I’m a child at heart and a sweet tooth at that so what better way but to try this candy subscription box. (Going to the bakala to buy candies and chocolates is not enough haha.) Basically, once you subscribe to Japan Candy Box, you will receive a box filled with 8-10 pieces of hand-picked quirky, fun Japanese sweet treats from candies to chocolates and small snacks. There are subscription plans that starts at $19.90 per box with free shipping to most countries. Since we’re always on the lookout for something new, we tried this. A week ago, we got our box! YEY!

Our box was sent on October 2, 2015 and it arrived in our mail room last October 19, 2015. That’s around half a month of waiting. Not bad since we were expecting for it to arrive a little over a month. When I saw the box, it got dented on transit but no worries since what’s important is the stuff inside. I was hoping the candies didn’t get squished in its journey haha. We were like kids, filled with anticipation, while opening the box. We know they’re just candies but we’re excited nonetheless because we know they’re quite special candies not easily available here in Riyadh. I think we squealed when the contents came tumbling out the box. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on each one and unwrap them. Our smiles are twice as wide already just by looking at the colorful and cute packaging.


Here’s what’s inside of the September Japan Candy Box (and of course our mini review on each product):

1. Popin’ Cookin’ Oekaki Animal Candy Land DIY Kit

My heart jumped a feet high (no that’s not possible haha) when I saw this pack because I’ve watched some Youtube videos reviewing this kind of DIY candy kits (don’t ask me how I get to watching these vids haha) and they’re just so cuuuute! Basically they’re candies that we get to mold and paint on our own. Being a bit crafty, I immediately volunteered to do this and have Reina take a video. The packet looked like noodle packets haha and the text were all in Japanese! I tried to wrap my brain around the instructions. In fairness, they also have drawings so it got easier. So I molded the white candies into the animal shapes (fishes and a seal). I placed the color powder in the kit and put drops of water. I mixed them one by one (red, blue, and yellow) and this is where it got a bit messy. To come up with other colors, we just combined the primary ones. At first, I was disappointed that the colors were not as bright and vivid eh asa pa ba ako eh candy naman to? Haha. We colored the fishes and seal and once they dried out a bit, we appreciated the glossy look of our masterpiece. It set nicely. Now after all the effort and work we did in this candy, not to mention the way we handled it, we didn’t want to eat them. Your kids will definitely enjoy this activity!

2. Meiji Watapachi Melon Popping Candy Floss

Again, this is one candy I was looking forward to taste because it has two of my fave candies in one pack: cotton candy and popping candies (the kind that little by little bursts in your mouth). The candy floss wasn’t fluffy when we first got it out of the plastic but when my fingers run through it… ohhhh so soft! Now I haven’t tried eating green cotton candy that’s why this one was a bit weird. I ate a piece and got shocked with all the sensations in my mouth: softness from the floss, sweetness from the melon flavor, popping from the tiny rock candies in the middle, and a sourness from the powder sprinkled inside. If it’s not for the latter, I would have enjoyed this one.

3. Bourbon Fettucine Cola Gummies

If I have a particular flavor that I fancy in gummy candies, it would have to be cola so I’m again pleasantly surprised that the box contains a pack of cola gummies. This time, it’s not in a cola bottle shape but in fettucine shapes: elongated “pasta” that’s chopped haha. The gummies are covered with white sugar. I have a love and hate relationship with this one. I love that it’s sour and sweet at the same time but I think that it’s a bit too sour. It’s something that I’ll get used too anyway considering that this pack contains a lot; good for sharing.

4. Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolates

Now this one is a familiar chocolate. I love munching on this when I was still working in the Philippines. Meiji is one of m favorite brands of chocolates and I can’t believe a box of this goodie was in the September box. I miss this! I’m a bit sad of the state of the chocolates inside because they already got glued to each other and I couldn’t enjoy them as the little pyramids of strawberry chocolates that I’m used to. No matter, it’s the taste that counts too and this one reminded me of home (can you believe a Japanese candy can do that? haha). It’s sweet but not cloying and the flavors are A-ok.

5. Poop Shaped Lollipop

Now seriously, why would I want to lick a poop-shaped lollipop hahaha! But this one is so novel I actually saved tasting this for last. It has slight strawberry flavor but the overwhelming taste is just saccharine sweet. It’s like cotton candy in a solid hard candy form. Nothing special unless you consider a happy face on the poop lollipop adorable. It’s fun to give these away to friends and have a good laugh about it.

6. Morinaga Ramune Candy Soda Balls

At first we thought we’re supposed to put some water into this medicine-looking balls that comes in a greening bottle. But apparently we just had to pop one in our mouths. It tasted like the spirit of a soda, if you can imagine and taste what I mean. It doesn’t taste much actually and this is best left alone.

7. Hi-Chew Pineapple Chewy Candy

This is said to be a fan favorite. Not sure why. While it has the pineapple flavor to it, it has a lingering taste of something “commercial” and unnatural flavoring. I can’t even describe it as much haha. It has a good chewy texture that you just keep on chewing and chewing but the flavor has something off on it.

8. Fujiya Anpanman Lollipop

This lollipop is cuuute! Anpanman is said to be the most popular children’s character in Japan today and having it in a lollipop? Fuuun! This one is orange flavored. It reminded me of Sun-Top. Not sure if it contains vitamin C or something but it’s a good lollipop to have when you’re craving for something sweet and fruity. Not too mention cutie.

9. Coris Gum Gum Chewing Gum

Notice how many times they have to remind us that this one is a gum in its name. We totally got the need to do so because when I unwrapped this, I thought it was just chewy candy. It turned out to be a chewing gum. I think I hurt my jaw chewing this over and over. It had a good sweet flavor that will keep you chewing and chewing.

Overall. we enjoyed the contents of our first Japan Candy Box. This subscription box is really quite a surprise and I love that most of the stuff I like are inside! I’m actually thinking of buying more Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kits just for the fun of making them. And because we really think Riyadhizens should try them, we’re having a giveaway! Just log in with your Facebook account or your email address. This will serve as your raffle entry and we’ll pick one lucky winner after 20 days. Winner will win a one-month subscription of Japan Candy Box!

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