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I’m not a big fan of liquid foundation to be quite honest because A) I’m scared it’ll clog my pores and B) I’m afraid that it’ll come out uneven or cake-y. As much as possible, moisturizer and loose powder can do the trick for me for an everyday look. But then I found NYX liquid foundation, “Stay Matte But Not Flat” I started to feel comfortable with wearing it everyday. Of course, it’s not as glamorous as the other popular liquid foundations out there but being a NYX fan myself, this is one bottle that’s fairly reasonable for every day use.


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I use my beauty blender to apply this and I find that it sets in nicely with my skin. On some occasions, I have found cake-y spots on my face by mid-day but I think that can be attributed to my putting on loose powder to retouch and it may not work well with it (creating the botches). Having said that, I wouldn’t say it’s a full coverage kind of foundation, just more of the mid-coverage kind (which is reasonable for its price range) although you could apply additional layers as necessary for you to get the level of coverage you need. As for the matte finish it claims on its packaging, I’m afraid I do not achieve matte results. However, it’s a very light and ‘breathable’ kind of foundation and I do like that its water-based so it washes of easily at the end of the night. I’d say this one is good enough, but not too awesome. Perfect if you don’t want to break your budget for something you’ll need to use everyday.

Product Name: Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation


Price: SR 35

Where To Buy: NYX items are available in all Centerpoint Stores, Beauty Section

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