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I’ve been eating books for dinner for the last couple of months. That means I’ve been reading A LOT these days. I insert reading during lull time at work, in traffic, and at home. I even read before bedtime (because ebooks are so handy I read them in my iphone). Anyway, I noticed more pronounced dark circles under my eyes. Why am I not surprised? I thought it’s time to use and test one of the the eye masks I got from Sephora. Have you seen them? Their packaging is really pretty and colorful. And let’s just say, flavorful too.

The Eye Mask from Sephora Collection comes in eight types and whatever you need to be done to those peepers, they’ll probably available. There’s green tea (relaxing and refreshing), Lotus (moisturizing and soothing), Honey (nourishing and balancing), Pomegranate (anti-fatigue and energizing), Lingzhi (anti-aging and smoothing), Ginseng (toning and revitalizing), Pearl (perfecting and brightening), and Rose (ultra-moisturizing and brightening). Ahhh… so many to choose from! For my “me time”, I used the Pomegranate variant because I wanted to energize my tired eyes. This particular mask promises to reduce signs of fatigue, awaken, and tone the eye for a rested, energetic look. Hmn, we’ll see about that.

Love the packaging!

Love the packaging!

Putting the mask is a breeze. It has a lot of serum and it sticks to the skin easily. There is a bit of a cold sensation but it goes away a few minutes after. I let it stay the recommended time of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I removed the mask. Here’s the before and after photo I took:

Can you see the difference? I can't. LOL

BEFORE/AFTER Can you see the difference? I can’t.


As you can see, there’s barely a difference. I didn’t feel so much of a difference too but seriously, what can we expect in just one use? Also sometimes, the effect might not be immediate because the changes are happening inside. In my case, maybe inside the skin under my eyes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to repeat using another eye mask because I already went home for my vacation. I don’t see any harm in using eye masks though especially if they’re easily available and affordable like these Sephora masks.

Product Name: Eye Mask in Pomegranate

Brand: Sephora Collection

Price: SR 20

Where To Buy: Sephora branches (Olaya Towers, Riyadh Gallery, Panorama Mall, Hayat Mall)

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