Friday Finds: Sweet Tesco

Tesco products have landed in Riyadh care of Tamimi Markets. I saw their products the other day when we were out for grocery shopping. Naturally, I was pulled by the sweets section and so those are the only items my eyes were glued on. Haha! Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer in England, United Kingdom. It has since opened branches in 12 countries across Asia and Europe and while we’re waiting for Tesco itself to open their supermarket here (will it eve happen?), we can enjoy their products from Tamimi. Here are some Friday finds for the sweet tooth:

1. Cakes 

No baking required!

No baking required!

Who needs an oven?! I mean I’ll probably the most impatient baker (oh maybe that’s why I’m not a baker in the first place!) and I may never be able to bake my own cake but I can certainly buy this Strawberry Gateau and Chocolate Fudge Cake and serve it to my guests and they’ll never know they’re store bought! Oh, of course they will know haha but they’ll enjoy this sponge layered with strawberry sauce and cream or this moist chocolate cake either way.

2. Ice Cream Cones

Good for winter, best for summer

Good for winter, best for summer

For some reason, I love eating ice cream during the winter season. It’s like affirming my body that hey, it’s not that cold! I can still take in some more cold! These ice cream cones from Tesco look delish and they’re the right bargaining chip for my body to eat more cold treats. The vanilla one looks basic but the mint and chocolate variety? Oh my, gimme me some Colgate-tasting goodness! Haha! (Mint chocolate chip is my face ice cream flavor.)

3. Ice Lollies

Yummy lollies

Yummy lollies

Because an ice cream in a cone is not enough, we should go for ice cream lollies too. It’s such a nostalgic treat. Ice lollies bring out the inner child in us and… your kids will enjoy them too especially the one that comes in a variety of flavors. We adults should probably stick with the strawberry one.

4. Chocolates

What's not to like>

What’s not to like?

Tired of the usual Mars, Galaxy, Toblerone chocolates? Then here are some chocolates from Tesco: White Chocolate Buttons and Milk Chocolate American Peanuts. They’re as straight forward as they can get. Even their packaging is simple.

5. Jams and Marmalades

It's bitter but it's sweet. Really. :P

It’s bitter but it’s sweet. Really. 😛

I shouldn’t even be looking at this stuff because I have a bottle of strawberry jelly that came from Baguio sitting on our ref untouched but I can’t help and notice how gorgeous the packaging of this marmalades are. If you have a neat kitchen, then they will go in there perfectly. Oh, they will go nice with your toast too.

There are many more Tesco products available in Tamimi and I’m so glad they’re out there for anyone who wants them. They’re a bit more expensive than the local ones though as expected but if you’re into changing up your menu and home items once in a while, then these might be worth the extra buck. (I apologize for not getting the prices of the stuff above, face palm!)

Speaking of Tamimi, I saw these on the shelf and got amused:


How do you like your eggs sir and ma’am? Cornfed, free range, or organic? 

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