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If you love IKEA as much as I do, then you are automatically my friend.

IKEA is a haven for homemakers and decor-loving darlings such as ourselves and as you’ve known in the past, we could spend an entire day at this store without any complaints. On my last visit just recently, there’s even more reason to lounge around with the renovation of their dining area to a cozier and more chic ambiance. Finally, they came around and upgraded that old, compact dining space they used to have where everything was so narrow and tight.

Anyway, as I walked around I was at awe at the Super Sale that they had going on for some of their items. Last time I did a piece on IKEA, I did this the 35SR and Under article and after seeing what I’ve seen just a few days ago, I’m surprised that I saw a lot of really good items that would be useful in the household and decor for just 5SR or less! You have to see it to believe it:


White, tempered glass plates and bowls.

Each item is only for 3SR and it’s a selection of dinner plates, saucers and bowls that can easily be a handy addition to your china collection for regular days. You can but a set for 4 and it will only cost you under 50SR! You can totally start throwing a dinner party by then.


Wine glass selection.

To toast your way to a lovely dinner party, IKEA is also selling these wine glasses and champagne flutes for just 3SR each. They used to be 25SR but at this price, it’s a sure steal.


Tealight holders for just 3SR

Set the mood of your dinner table by grabbing a few of these candle holders that will enhance the soothing color of the flames. They’re also very versatile and can be used in your living room and even your bathroom.


TIme to clean up.

After your dinner party, get to cleaning off your plates and glasses with this Plastis brush at only 4SR a piece. It comes in three distinguishable colors for you not to miss a spot.


While this might not be the most attractive item for your home, it sure is useful! In case you don’t have anything yet to scrub out the “skidmarks” in your toilet, this will do the trick. 😛


Guest towels for 2SR

These soft, absorbent towels could come in handy in a house full of guests.


Hang ’em up!

Packs of four sturdy, plastic hangers for the price of 5SR.

Door mats.

Door mats.

Keep the dust off your room by placing one of these doormats on your front door. I got one for myself.

IKEAFINDS_5IKEAFINDS_5And last but not least, if all that shopping has made you yearn for a snack, here’s a really affordable cookie at only 3SR. 🙂

Hurry now and catch the sale items before they fly off the shelves! And if you don’t, well, IKEA will always be a worthy visit.

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  1. Avatar Athens Reply

    Good day! Pwede ba malaman kung anong floor yung sa less 5SR? Dun sa may OFTAST to be exact. I’m asking my father to buy me a couple of oftast plates ang sabi nya sobrang laki daw ng ikea store. Babalik sya ngayong friday… sana kahit guide para madali nya mahanap yung sa kitchen section o dun oftast area. TIA.

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