We celebrated The Pink Tarha’s seventh anniversary last January 24, and because we just got back from the Philippines, we haven’t prepared anything like the anniversary celebrations and contests we used to hold. However, we finally came around into launching one a week ago (better late than never, haha!). #RIYADHFEELS is something that is close to our heart because well, it talks about our feelings and emotions about Riyadh, the city we’ve come to hate and love at the same time the city that taught has a lot, the city that opened our eyes into the plight of locals and expats alike… the city that makes everyone want to sleep early haha. Because what to do yanni? Anyway, we asked you, our dear readers to share with us your #Riyadhfeels slogans, statements, emoti-quotes, etc. We thank everyone who joined our contest. Riyadhizens are really so witty, creative and funny, haha! We apologize that we can only pick SEVEN.

We would also like to thank our sponsors Piatto, Firegrill and Steakhouse. You all know that these restaurants, especially Piatto, have a special place in our The Pink Tarha’s hearts because they were the first ones who believed in us and wanted to collaborate with us. Happy fifth anniversary to Piatto also!

Okay so without further ado, here are our WINNERS:

Slogan 6

PRIZE: Firegrill Voucher to 5 custom-built burritos and 5 cool lime margaritas

What can we say, we like our sale hugot lines because only a Riyadh sale can make us feel kilig all over! Haha! For our non-Filipino readers, this statement roughly translates to “Of all the sales that I went to, the sale of your heart is something that’s hard to catch or to go to.”

Slogan 7

PRIZE: Steakhouse Voucher to two entrees, a trip to the soup and salad bar, an appetizer and a dessert to share

This entry made Reina laugh because it captures the reality of Riyadh roads. If only everyone doing the Fast and the Furious here is Vin Diesel right? Haha!

Slogan 8

PRIZE: Firegrill Voucher to 5 custom-built burritos and 5 cool lime margaritas

This made me laugh! I imagined myself as the Riyadh newbie a few ehermn years ago and committing minor offenses like not covering my hair and taking pictures in public to the chagrin of my father who has been living in KSA for 20+ years. Haha! I’m sure you’ve probably used this phrase to wiggle your way out of a first-timer ‘mistake’.

Slogan 10

PRIZE: Piatto Voucher for Breakfast for 4 persons

Reading this and I was like “That is soooo me!” Haha! Eight years in Riyadh and I still haven’t updated my Arabic. I’m stuck with aiwa, mafi mushkila, yasser, yamin, alatul, and shukran. And of course, “mafi mallum Arabi!” I can so relate! I usually shut up when riding the regular taxi cabs because they would ask me how many years I’m living in Riyadh and why I still don’t know Arabic. I can’t explain. Haha!

Slogan 9

PRIZE: Steakhouse Voucher to two entrees, a trip to the soup and salad bar, an appetizer and a dessert to share

Hakuna matata is a wonderful phrase, it means no worries for the rest of your days! In Riyadh, hakuna matata is mafi mushkila. When people say this to us, it seems to lift our burden right? No problem sister! No problem sadiq!

Slogan 5

PRIZE: Piatto Voucher for lunch/dinner for 4 persons

You know why we picked this… he used the term Riyadhizen! Haha! Not only that, he used a well-known “Keep Calm” phrase. We see it as the breathing in and out before we absorbed the truth and reality that we are now a Riyadhizen. We also like his quote that yes, expats can come and go in Riyadh but Riyadh? It remains in the expats’ minds and hearts forever.

And our major, major winner:

Slogan 4

PRIZE: Piatto Voucher for lunch/dinner for 4 persons + a shirt with the slogan printed on it

What can we say, WE LOVE IT! Arab it! Haha! We super like how witty this slogan is. We’re sad we didn’t think of this first haha, kidding! We’re glad someone thought of it. And yes, it speaks volumes of how we feel about Riyadh.

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you so much for your wonderful entries. Please message us in our Facebook page on how to claim your prize. Prizes not claimed until March 31, 2016 will be forfeited. Thank you!


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