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With the emergence of all kinds and colors and textures of lipsticks nowadays, it’s easy to overlook the classics: the simple lipstick that has always been there in the shelf or in our dresser waiting for the day we look back from the trends and use them again. I was getting a bit tired of my liquid lipstick days ago (because can you actually perfect putting that stubborn kind of lippie?!) so I rummaged through my lips drawer and got hold of my Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Hollywood Red. I swiped it in my lips and I felt so free and relieved. This one was buttery and effortless. I didn’t have to be precise or steady. I just have to be myself you know? Lol.

I should get more colors other than red. :P

I should get more colors other than red. 😛

I remember the day I bought this lipstick. I badly wanted the pink makeup case that they’re giving away with a SR 150 purchase in the Maybelline counter of Centrepoint. It was a nice gift really so I perused their shelf and looked for something that’s nice and easy to choose. Turned out it wasn’t easy to choose especially when it comes to lipstick. I zeroed on in the Hollywood Red because I was over my “nude” shade phase and I need some color! Hollywood Red is a red that’s not scandalous. It was just a gorgeous pink red satin that looks mature and dependable (yes, I’m describing a lipstick). It’s creamy, glides on smooth, and has a slight vanilla scent. Being a morena, this is a “red” that suits me.

Gorgeous reds

Gorgeous reds

I was so impressed with this lipstick that I bought a more vivid, brighter color shade, Red Revival. I just felt like that the formula is so easy to use that I can manage putting on a bright red on my lips without much effort. And yes, the Red Revival is soooo gorgeous too. It fits every skin tone. I have doubts in using it in public though but for special events that requires a bombshell color? Oh yes Red Revival! The best thing about Maybelline’s Color Sensational? It’s inexpensive compared to other much-raved about lippies. I love this.

Product Name: Color Sensation Lip Color

Brand: Maybelline NY

Price: SR 51

Where To Buy: Maybelline counters in hypermarkets, Boots, and Whites

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