Beauty Bets: The Coming of the Apocalips

If you’ve been following the blog for quite some time now, you’d pretty much have an idea of how we love our lipsticks over here at The Pink Tarha. It’s one of the few basic items that we can never, ever go without and we are forever excited to try out new brands all the time. Rimmel’s Apocalips lip lacquer is quite different from the rest of my lipstick stash in particular because of its consistency. It is neither a cream nor a gloss but a seemingly smashed combination of the two.


The pigments are so rich and pronounced in every swipe that its presence on your lips alone will surely warrant attention. Most of the shades are particularly bold and you won’t expect any understated color in this selection. The feel on my lips is not so sticky but I can only describe it like a softer version of a nail polish. It will not dry your lips out but it latches on strongly enough as a matte lipstick would. Each stroke is quite velvety but shiny in appearance. There is a bit of a “weird” scent to it when I open the product and smell it but after application, it seems to disappear.

The product will really hold on to your lips for a good amount of time and it doesn’t easily smear off even after a cup of coffee. I would recommend this for special occasions and not really for an everyday look. Also, if you want to be noticed, then this is how you can show off those lips!

Product Name: Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Brand: Rimmel

Price: 40SR

Where To Buy: Rimmel kiosks in Centrepoint

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