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It’s surprising that we haven’t ever tested a product of Mikyajy in the blog. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever own one of their products until last weekend. What am I missing folks? Mikyajy, launched in 1999, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East with over 200 stores across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Libya, Kuwait, and Qatar. I always see Mikyajy in the mall but I know why I don’t really enter and check out their products: I thought that it was a brand meant for teenagers and well I do admit that I have long since crossed that phase in my life. Haha! Mikyajy’s brand logo and stores are too colorful for me but just right for the young generation. It comes across as hip, trendy, and young. But I’m a fool to think that their products are only meant for the youth.

Mikyajy’s products range includes cosmetics, perfumes, and makeup tools. Most of their products are made in Italy. I saw that some of their lines are targeting the younger ones but they also have lines meant for the older generation (ermn that includes me). They were on sale last weekend and I entered one of their stores in Sahara Mall. I was looking for a powder highlighter and I ended up in their blush corner where a compact caught my eye. It has one part blush and one part highlighter with the latter forming a moon shape in the compact. There were a few colors and I swatched them in store. I was impressed with the Multi-Effects Blush! The blush is matte and the highlighter is luminous. They went well together and they created this sheen and glow in one swipe. I was confused among the colors but ended up with 701 which has a peachy blush and a soft golden highlighter.

It looks pretty!

It looks pretty!

When I opened the box at home, I saw the packaging of the compact and I’m torn between seeing it as plasticky or elegant. The hot pink text on the black case felt a bit tacky. But since the black case was black and smooth, I conceded to liking this. So I used the multi-effect blush and realized that the gorgeous sheen that I’ve seen in the swatch when I was in the store was gone. Maybe it was just the lighting in the store? It did not create the same effect when put in the skin. I’m a bit disappointed. But when used with a cream highlighter, it improves and the glow is seen better. I like that it has little fall out and that powder is easily picked up especially when I use my fingers. However when it comes to powder blush and highlighter, I don’t usually use my fingers to apply them. Haha.

The highlighter has a gorgeous golden sheen (can you see it in the photo above?).

The highlighter has a gorgeous golden sheen (can you see it in the photo above?).

It’s a good experience to try Mikyajy finally. While I’m not super impressed with the product that I got, I’m happy that I got it on sale (because if it’s not on sale, I won’t pick it up) and that I could probably make it work on my skin tone eventually. Plus, there are so many more products of Mikyajy that I want to try. My friend highly recommends their brushes too. And have you seen their palettes? They have rocking packaging and they can be gifts for relatives and friends.

Product Name: Multi-Effects Blush

Brand Name: Mikyajy

Price: SR 56 on sale, SR 100+ if not

Where To Buy: Mikyajy branches

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