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You know how much I like Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips but I also wrote how drying they are. I share this opinion with a lot of ladies who use Colourpop all over the world. It probably propelled the cosmetic company to come up with a liquid lipstick formula that is less drying. Enter the Ultra Satin Lips, which promises a lightweight formula with bold colors and satin finish. They were launched last February 25 and two colors sold out in hours: Dopey and Marshmallow. The first one is a dusty mauve and I understand why it would be sold out immediately; it’s just a very wearable color that suits every skin tone. The Marshmallow though is a greyed out lavender that looks costume-ish. Like something you’ll wear on Halloween. Anyway, I ended up getting colors that are a mix of for every day wear and for special occasions.

My four satins

My four satins

Echo Park is a warm peachy nude while Lyin’ King is a saturated raspberry (which looks like hot pink on my lips). I picked out a few reds because I’ve been dodging red in my Colourpop orders for the longest time. I just feel like I can’t wear them to work so I don’t get value for my money if I don’t wear them most of the time. Frick N Frack is a rosy terracotta while Lost is a warm-toned brown red lippie. Surprisingly, I like the color of Frick N Frack; it’s not too red. It’s subdued enough to be fit to work.

Echo Park, Frick N Frack, Lyin' King, and Lost

Echo Park, Frick N Frack, Lyin’ King, and Lost

Overall, I like the formula of Ultra Satin Lips. Once I put it in my lips, I couldn’t feel it anymore. It’s easy to forget I have a lippie on until I see the smear or my mug. Yes, this being satin and not matte, it’s not kissproof, waterproof and smudgeproof. It goes on everywhere my lips touched. However, most of the color stays on the lips. It’s amazing really. Even if some of the lipstick goes into the edge of the mug or my food, or whatever, the color on my lips stays. It has the same vibrancy and color. It’s like magic! Haha! Don’t ask me though what I like better between the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin because I love them both! And at USD 6 each (around SR 45 on local online stores), I’m sure you can get one of each formula for your collection.

I bought mine in their website and sent it to my US address from Shop and Ship. The weight of my order this time was around 0.8 kg (I ordered some Ultra Matte Lipsticks and an eyeshadow quad too) and I paid SR 68 for shipping from New York, USA to Riyadh, KSA. Aramex delivered pronto. For more info on Shop and Ship, read my review here.

Product Name: Ultra Satin Lips

Brand: Colourpop

Price: USD 6 at, SR 45 on local online resellers

Where To Buy: (via Shop and Ship), Irene’s Close KSA- Riyadh, Limited Edition

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