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Okay, okay, this is one foundation that Youtube made me buy. Or rather, Tati, a Youtuber and makeup guru made me buy. Haha! There’s one thing you should know about me: I like watching makeup reviews and makeup hauls in Youtube. It’s one of my “relaxing” past times. I’m so amazed at how many makeup and cosmetics can these women wear! I mean, when it comes to skincare, I tend to stick to what works for me and I don’t even attempt to change anything unless really necessary because I get a breakout when I introduce something new in my routine. So I’m not sure how they actually come up with good reviews on the products that they put in their faces. So yeah, I like watching Kathleen Lights and Glam Life Guru Tati because I like pretty things. I’m subscribed to their channels. So Tati was talking about the No7 Airbrush Away Foundation in her April favorites and I felt like I have to get it too. Because I have a lot of acne scars from my teenage years, I’ve always been dependent on the “airbrush” effect of makeup.

Good thing, there was a sale in Boots! It’s celebrating its 10 years in the Middle East and they came up with 100 promos including a Buy One Get One in their No7 in-house brand. Yey for me! So I grabbed the No7 Airbrush Away foundation along with one of their bronzers. For the price of SR 110, I get both! I saved like SR 80. (In reality, I didn’t save any. I spent SR 110. LOL!) The guys at Boots were not really knowledgeable on what shade I should get so I crossed my fingers and settled for Wheat which looked a bit dark on the bottle. I rushed home to try this and yes! I like how it glided over my skin like silk. It also has this blurring effect that made my pores less noticeable and a little bit smaller than they really are (my pores are HUGE!). It’s also buildable depending on what look you’re going for the day. Since I mostly use this for work, I just dab on a light layer and let the brush do its work. However, I tried putting this with my fingers from the center of my face outwards and my face looked a bit more “photoshopped” haha! It also lasts on the skin and doesn’t fade easily even under the warm sun.

This dropper has to go! This is not medicine! LOL.

This dropper has to go! This is not medicine! LOL.

Again, the packaging irritates me. Instead of a pump, it has a dropper. No matter how many times I squeeze it, it doesn’t get a lot of products in the dropper. Why like that?! Oh and the Wheat shade is a bit dark for me but it’s okay; I can make it work by adding a drop of a lighter foundation. I need to try the other shades though because I think Warm Beige is more of the correct one for me. Good news: Airbrush Away has 14 shades. Bad news: They’re not all available in Boots. Last time I checked, they only had four.

Product Name: Airbrush Away Foundation

Brand: No7 by Boots

Price: SR 110

Where to Buy: Boots

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