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You know how much I love the Fit Me! line of Maybelline? This much! And I haven’t even talked about my love for their Fit Me! Concealer, Fit Me! Pressed Powder, Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation, and Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Powder. Oh, and their Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation Stick, which I’ll be talking about now because if you’re a low-maintenance girl who doesn’t want to be bothered by liquid foundations and BB creams, then this product is the perfect match for you.

I saw the Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation Stick at a Boots Pharmacy a few months ago when they were having their Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo on their Maybelline products. I decided to grab the Fit Me! Pressed Powder which went well with my foundation and this foundation stick which I wanted to try. So I went home with my purchases and I open them to take photos and realized that the top of my foundation stick was swiped already! I was in a hurry when I picked this up at Boots because it’s nearing salah and I had to check out another store. I trusted that it’s brand new! That’s the only time I realized that the only thing holding the cap and the stick case together is a piece of scotch tape! Ugh. Anyway, I didn’t go back to Boots to complain and waste my time. Boots Pharmacy here in Riyadh have some conceited salesmen! One time, I was checking one of Ted Baker London’s fragrance spray and one of the salesmen actually told me to not open it in a loud voice (like he’s reprimanding a thief) because it wasn’t a tester. I told him I’m not opening it because it was obvious to me that it wasn’t a tester (there was a bottle labeled with TESTER on another shelf but it’s of a different scent). I was just looking at it! That’s in their Danube Exit 8 branch. Another time, in another branch, the salesman asked me if I’m going to buy the foundation I was holding in a voice like I couldn’t afford it. And another time, I asked a salesman in their Sahara branch if they have a new stock of Soap&Glory’s Solar Powder and he immediately said none without even checking their inventory. I managed to go over their messy Soap&Glory displays and found one at the back of the rack. Ugh, Boots Pharmacy Riyadh, please train your staff more to be respectful.

Used a few times already. To see how it looks like when brand new, click HERE.

Used a few times already. To see how it looks like when brand new, click HERE.

Anyway, back to my already swiped foundation stick which some customer probably swiped without realizing it’s not a tester (I do know that some customers are stubborn and they try to open items even if they’re not labeled “tester” but not all customers are like that). I just took a tissue and sprayed a bit of alcohol and swiped the top part of the foundation stick so I can use it. This Maybelline Fit Me! foundation stick has two shades, the outer ring is darker than the core which is said to be the anti-shine powder that dissolves excess oil. The gel-stick foundation has a mattifying coverage that is great for every day wear. This is my go-to foundation when I’m feeling lazy to do my full makeup in the morning. It’s easy to use: I just line face with this and then take my face brush and blend. It goes on creamy then becomes a bit powdery. After the easy blending, I already have an almost flawless face that’s ready to face the world. Haha! It feels very light on the skin but it doesn’t stay all-day long. I already feel oily a few hours of wearing this. This foundation stick has 8 shades. The darker shades can be used as a contouring stick if you want.

I’m no longer sure how much this costs because I bought it on promo but I think around SR 50? If you want a no-fuss, easy-to-use foundation, then say hello to this one.

Product Name: Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation Stick

Brand: Maybelline New York

Price: Around SR 50

Where To Buy: Centrepoint Beauty Counters, Whites Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy

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