Friday Finds: Essential Oils

I did the Whole30 diet last month and surprised my self with being able to let go of my usual diet staples and converted to eating healthier, natural-occuring foods. One of the main items I had to let go of was the use of regular cooking oil (like Canola or Sunflower oil) and replacing it with using only Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It wasn’t as much of a disorienting task for me as it was to give up chocolate for a month, but it got me intrigued with finding other kinds of cooking oils that were out there in the market. On a usual weekend hop to the grocery, I found some interesting finds and options for my next cookout. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Walnut Oil of all things.

On this week’s Friday Finds, I present to you some essential cooking oils and where exactly can you put them to good use.


Pons EVOO with Tabasco Seasoning, 43SR

For the spicy food lover in me, this immediately piqued my interest. If you love the zing of a Tabasco and would like to have a good sizzle with it, then this is a good pick. The Tabasco Company tied up with Spanish olive oil makers, PONS for this particular product. Great for grills and meats!

Scarlett & Mustard Fragrant Oils

Scarlett & Mustard Fragrant Rapeseed Oils

Rapeseed oil is one of the oldest vegetable oils harvested and it comes from the black seeds of rapeseeds. These variety are infused with basil, dill and truffle fragrances that will boost the aroma of your risottos, soups and salads.

Mini Oliva, 25SR

Mini Oliva, 25SR

This would look nice as dinner table items that can intrigue your guests as they sit to enjoy their first course and try something new. It’s a selection of oils and vinaigrettes that are specifically made for salads. Flavors include Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Natural Cinnamon and Natural Lemon just to name a few.

Flavored EVOOs, 35SR.

Flavored EVOOs, 35SR.

Another alternative to the Mini Olivas are these cutesy, 20mL bottles of flavored EVOOs. They’d look like little wine bottles standing on your dinner table but they’re not. 😉 Choose from Pepper, Garlic and Rosemary for dressing your soups or salads.

Roland's Cold-Pressed Oils, 65SR

Roland’s Cold-Pressed Oils, 65SR

This was the most expensive variety I found at the grocery and it’s made from not so usual sources of oils. There’s Macadamia, Pistachio, Avocado and Grapeseed oils — all boasting of their own health benefits more superior to Coconut Oil. Avocado Oil in particular is great for cooking stir-fry while also being a healthier option than other oils for all the omega 6 and omega 3 acids. Pistachio oil is great with steamed vegetables and Macadamia oil can be a good substitute for butter when baking.

Il Boschettos' EVOO Spray, 63SR.

Il Boschettos’ EVOO Spray, 63SR.

Aaaand in case you’re the type who’d always like to have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil wherever she goes, then this compact spray bottle with EVOO is the answer to your needs. I happen to carry around a tiny tupperware of dried chili with me wherever I go so I can understand the audience of this product. Also, I think this would be good for those who are too lazy to toss their salads and would decide to spray the EVOO instead. 😉

All items featured here were found at the Danube Hypermarket, Panorama Mall.

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