A Tour of Dr. Ahmed Abanamy Polyclinic

Hospitals can be a daunting place for a lot of people. The bright fluorescent lights, the noticeable smell of disinfectant and the towering image of doctors hustling and bustling in the hallways can be intimidating and has been known to cause anxiety in people who are in fact, looking for care and comfort from their current disposition. That is not to take away credit from what hospitals have been positively doing for patients in the last 50 years but in this day and age, if people can get their healthcare in a less unsettling environment, then they would probably prefer it (just look at the rise of home births lately).


When we visited the new Dr. Ahmed Abanamy Polyclinic last month, this was certainly the vibe that we got: relaxed, cozy and inviting. Words that would hardly be used to describe when entering a “hospital”. Clean as a whistle but without the notorious hospital scent, we were welcomed by our good friend, Dr. Oliza Intal-Anigan with her warm smile. If you remember years ago, we featured a different Abanamy Hospital (now known as Sanad Hospital) and Dr. Oliza was the primary Filipina OB-Gyne doctor there. Since the change in management, Dr. Ahmed created this new polyclinic of his own to cater to a more customized patient care. We were accompanied by Dr. Sarah Abanamy, who is in charge of the Physiotherapy Department and is also responsible for the entire look and feel of the clinic with its minimal yet chic interiors.


OB-Gyne Dr. Oliza Intal-Anigan.

The polyclinics’ most notable section is the physical therapy (PT) room where it houses the necessary equipment for its patients but also works as a mini-fitness gym. At the Abanamy Polyclinic, they also aim to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for their patients and intend on sponsoring fitness activities for the public soon. Here’s a view of the PT facilities:


A rail ramp for those recovering with standing and walking.


Exercises for the arm, shoulder and coordination.


How the Arm/Shoulder Wheel works.

For the most obvious physiotherapy treatments, Dr. Sarah showed us how each mechanism would work to help patients recover from strenuous surgeries (post-op) and bring them back to shape, whether it may be through mobilization or weight loss, their clinic had it covered. Here is the mini-gym that is also fully equipped:


Stationary bikes and a treadmill.


A rowing machine and some benches.


Gym balls for core exercises.


Who wants to LIFT? ^_^

After they showed us the fitness area, we said goodbye to Dr. Sarah who had to attend to her scheduled patients that day. Hopefully, there’d be fitness classes that can be open to the public later on. For now, the focus remains on being an active space for their patients to get fit and recover.

Dr. Oliza then showed us the rest of the clinics, including the Pediatrics and OBGYNE/Maternity departments.

Standard consultation rooms for General Practice.

Standard consultation rooms for General Practice.


This looks like a massage bed…

Their lab tech hard at work.

Their lab tech hard at work.

The polyclinic also offer laboratory services, in case you need some blood work done.


One of the lounges.

Pediatrics Clinic:

The waiting room for the Pediatric clinic.

The waiting room for the Pediatrics clinic.

The children would definitely feel lively and bright with all the murals of popular animated characters. Hopefully, the sight of these colorful walls can lift their spirits when when visiting the doctor.


This reminds me of my childhood, really.


The man behind the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Abanamy, is a pediatrician and his heart is really in helping and healing sick children. His office is naturally situated in the Pediatrics clinic along with the rest of the team. We were fortunate enough to meet him after our tour later that evening.

Clinic for Peds.

Clinic for Peds.

OB-Gyne Clinic:

We moved on to the OB-Gyne Department, the forte of Dr. Oliza. There, she showed us their facilities and explained that they do all the pre-natal care, consultations and check-ups here but are affiliated with a general hospital for the actual childbirth procedure of their patients.

Waiting room for the OB-Gyne clinic.

Waiting room for the OB-Gyne clinic.


Consultation rooms.


Ultrasound room.


This device is for a more intense kind of ultrasound.


Physical exam room.

For us ladies, we all know how important it is to have a OB-Gyne whom we can trust and while neither Janelle nor I have ever given birth ourselves, we have close friends who have been under the care of Dr. Oliza for their childbirths and they all have said great things about her practice. So if you’re on the lookout for a great Filipina OB-Gyne, we recommend her to you. 🙂

As we wrapped up our short tour, we sat in the doctor’s lounge and eventually met Dr. Ahmed Abanamy himself. He spent some real time with us, getting to know me and Janelle and saying how he liked The Pink Tarha’s work.



The clinic is staffed by qualified and experienced doctors apart from Drs. Sara, Ahmed and Oliza. One notable doctor of theirs is Dr. Hazem Al Mandeel who is a known urogynecologist in Riyadh.

Dr. Hezam Al Mandeel

Dr. Hazem Al Mandeel

The clinic’s location is quite accessible and the facilities are unlike any other private clinic that I have seen personally. All their equipment were standard-issue and everything was well-organized in every room. Currently, they don’t accommodate insurance holders yet and can only accept payments in cash. Soon though, they will offer this service. Walk-ins are welcome just as much as scheduled appointments.

To visit Dr. Ahmed Abanamy Polyclinics, you may refer to this map below (it is adjacent to Riyadh Gallery):

 Dr. Ahmed Abanamy Polyclinic

General Medicine, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, OB-Gyne, Urogynecology

Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Road


Opening hours: 4PM to 9PM

Tel: 011-400-9004

Mobile: +966508885022

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