Beauty Bets: January 2017 Empties

Hello, beauty folks! We decided to move our Beauty Bets entires again back to the main Pink Tarha blog because we couldn’t keep up with writing more entries for both The Pink Tarha and Beauty Bets. So we guess we will just have to come to terms that Beauty Bets entries are also good fillers for the main blog. There are a lot of beauty junkies in Riyadh and we feel you, sisters! I promise to write beauty entries once or twice a week be that a product review or a feature like this we have for today: the Empties series where we write what products we’ve emptied for the whole month. Of course it doesn’t mean we’ve emptied the product within a month but it just means we’ve ran out of it for this particular month. Enough babbling! Here’s my list of products that I’ve emptied for the month of January.

1. Sheiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream

Gone with a year of using.

Gone with a year of using.

What: Reveal beautifully even-toned, glowing skin. This multi-benefit moisturizing cream visibly diminishes the appearance of redness, dullness, discoloration, visible pores and wrinkles. Its creamy, velvety texture spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving skin dewy and supple.
Price: SR 475
Where To Buy: Shiseido Counter at the Harvey Nichols, Faisaliah Mall
Rating: 4 out of 5
Will I Repurchase? No. It’s too expensive. 

This product promise a glow beyond perfection. Okay, I kind of doubt that. It’s such a good marketing tagline though. Haha! Anyway, I started using this Shiseido prodcut a few months before my wedding day. I really stepped up my skincare regimen before my wedding and I started incorporating expensive and luxurious skincare products instead of investing on expensive makeup for my big day. Believe it or not, this product, along with the new ones I introduced to my face, worked. A year ago, whenever I go to work with my naked face (literally no makeup), I saw how dull and imperfect my face is (hello huuuge pores). But now, I can go bare face and still like what I’m seeing in the mirror! My pores appear smaller and my skin look better than ever. Remember that I have really problematic skin with scars from pimples during my teen years. Of course the change is not easy to come by. It was slow and gradual and it took quite some time before I noticed the changes. But it’s okay. I like how this lightweight cream goes well under my makeup for every day use. It feels velvety luxurious; it doesn’t have an irritating smell like most facial creams have. A year or so after I started using this, I emptied out the gorgeous packaging. I’m not surprised because this is one product I used religiously. However, I admit that it might take a while before I repurchase this because it’s so expensive! Plus, I have other moisturizing creams that are lined up for me to use.

2. Benefit The Porefessional Face Primer

The professional blurrer of pores.

The professional blurrer of pores.

What: A professional balm that minimizes the appearance of pores. 
Price: SR 60 for the small tube
Where To Buy: Sephora
Rating: 4 out of 5
Will I Repurchase: No. I want to try my other primers first.

This is one of the holy grail primers of beauty gurus and vloggers. I first came to know about this primer through make-up artist Angel; she used it on me on a formal event I attended and I was hooked. She said it’s the perfect primer for me because it blurs my huge pores. I was drawn to it but I still believed the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is the best for me so I didn’t but The Porefessional immediately. It was only when I was waiting at the counter of Sephora that I saw the small tube for SR 60 that I gave in to the impulse of buying it. Uhuh. I’m not sure if it’s the way that I apply this but I didn’t like it as much as I did when it was first used on me. However, it’s really silky and lightweight and it makes my face a smooth canvas for makeup. It also mattifies the shine on my oily face. I finished this up because the one I bought was quite small. However, I am not feeling the impulse to buy this again any time soon. I still have three primers I’m testing out.

3. Maybelline Shine-Free Balance Stick Foundation

This stick foundation fits me to a tee.

This stick foundation fits me to a tee.

What: Oil-absorbing powder foundation stick delivers a natural matte finish for smooth and even-looking skin.
Price: SR 50
Where To Buy: Whites Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy
Rating: 5 out of 5
Will I Repurchase? Already did!

I love this stick foundation from Maybelline! It doesn’t only work wonders for my skin but I love how dependable and easy this is to use. I just swipe it directly on my face and blend the foundation with a brush: easy breezy! It’s not as messy as liquid foundation and not as sheer as powder foundation. It’s also perfect for my oily skin because it has an exclusive anti-shine powder core that instantly dissolves excess oil.Whenever I feel lazy doing my makeup in the morning and want a no-brainer look, this is what I reach out for. It’s no wonder I finished this stick in just a few months of wearing it. I use the 220 shade (natural beige). I was just a bit irritated when I bought this one in Boots because it looked like it was already slightly used as a tester but the sales guy insisted it was new and that it was the last piece of the foundation stick in my color. Pffft. Goes to show why they’re now re-sealing their cosmetics with tape so that customers won’t use the new ones as testers.

4. MAC Lipstick in Cosmo

MAc Cosmo is my favorite hue of all time.

MAc Cosmo is my favorite hue of all time.

What: A lipstick with hundreds of hues. The iconic product that made M·A·C famous.
Price: SR 104
Where To Buy: Mac Counters in Sahara Mall, Kingdom Mall, etc. (also online at
Rating: 5 out of 5
Will I Repurchase? Not yet.

I remember a time when Mac Lipsticks were still SR 90 a piece, or lower. Nowadays, it has reached the SR 100 level and I can’t help but ask why?!? I know that these lipsticks are iconic so there’s no reason to change its formula so why change the prices? Globalization? Anyway, what I love about these lipsticks is that it’s formulated to shade, define, and showcase the lips. It comes in over eight formulas and hundreds of colors! My favorite though is Mac Cosmo. It’s a slightly pinkish brown color that I would best describe as my My Lips But Better shade. It’s in the Amplified Creme formula which is the formula that I love the most in Mac’s collection. It’s soft and goes on smooth. It’s easy to apply too. I would like to repurchase this now that I’ve emptied out my nth tube of Cosmo but I have a lot of lipsticks right now that I want to use and love so I’m not yet re-purchasing. (Or I might if I can exchange my 6 empty lipstick tubes for 1 new in Mac).

5. Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh & Clean Body Mist 

Gone are the apples and lilies of this fragrance now that I've emptied it.

Gone are the apples and lilies of this fragrance now that I’ve emptied it.

What: Feel so clean in fresh apple and lily. This refreshing body mist from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent. Spray on day or night.
Price: SR 60 (lower when on sale)
Where To Buy: Victoria’s Secret stores in Granada Mall, Hayat Mall, Kingdom Mall, etc.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Will I Repurchase: No. I have outgrown this fragrance.

There was a time in my Riyadh life that I enjoyed the scent of VS PINK Fresh & Clean. True to its name, the crisp scent of apples and lilies in this body mist is really fresh and clean! The scent stays sharp yet fruity and sweet throughout the day. When it went on sale last year, I picked myself a bottle of the Fresh & Clean line; it’s been a while since I used it. I still enjoyed the fragrance but I felt like I have outgrown the scent already. This feels so youthful and energetic and while I want to think I’m still that… who am I kidding? Haha! I have grown and matured through the years and it seems like I have matured in my liking of perfumes and body sprays too. I still like this though, when I want a fun vibe in the morning, and I completely understand people who like this (like my younger sister). I just finished this body spray because I don’t want this to go to waste (since I can’t easily give this to my sister who is in the Philippines).

And so there goes the products I emptied out for the month of January. Let me know if you’ve used these products (or are using them) and share with me your feedback and comments. Also, I want some suggestions folks on what products I can try next time. Thank you and stay beautiful loves!

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  1. Avatar A Reply

    Love how detailed the description of each product. But this entry feels like bitin 🙂 Now, I am interested to try Sheisiedo.

    I agree with Porefessional and MAC lippies.

    Although, Benefit is on the expensive side, their face foundation is worth investing. The shades fits Asian skin, lightweight, but can give you a good natural everyday look coverage and the regular size pump bottle can last you forever. The same with their box blushes. I recommend Rockateur and Hervana. These are the shades that looks natural but can give you a glow and best with those who has acidic skin. The blush kits are in just the right size and comes with a brush. And of course, their mascaras are the best but will not buy because it’s not practical to buy 100 plus SR on something you will just toss in 3 months.

    What I don’t recommend in Benefit is their skin care line. Expensive, not really effective and not natural.

    I would also like you to try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery cleansing oil once they open at Granada Mall 🙂
    Yup, it’s oil but will not make your face look oily even if you have an oily and sensitive skin. It will give your skin the best moisture, can help in slowing developing lines and best of all your skin will be radiant even without a complete sleep :). This is also perfect to use during winter plus additional moisturizer if your skin is very dry.

    Naku humahaba na ang pag kwento ko haha! That’s it!

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