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There’s no denying; I got my girl friends hooked on Colourpop, especially Colourpop’s Ultra Lips. And why not? They’re inexpensive and they work wonders! I reviewed their Ultra Matte Lips here and their Lippie Stix here. The company has since released their Ultra Satin Lips and Ultra Glossy Lips. Let me know if you want me to come up with reviews of those too (the Satin is my favorite formula). Colourpop is easily available now that they have introduced international shipping. That usually takes two to three weeks to ship to Saudi Arabia. If you have a P.O. Box or your workplace’s mail system runs effectively then you have no problems receiving stuff. They put the products in boxes and packs them carefully. I’ve never received a broken product from them. For today, I’m going to review their Super Shock Cheek Highlighters.

Colourpop’s Highlighter has a long-wearing cream powder cheek formula. It comes in different finish like pearlized, satin and tie-dye. It was Irene of Irene’s Closet who gave me my first ever Colourpop Highlighter in the shade Spoon, a light silver champagne with multi-dimensional glitter. I loved it! It has a unique texture and it was the first time I encountered a creamy, shimmery powder! It goes on smooth and is extremely buildable. I’m not one to wear blinding highlights but if I want to, I can certainly put more and make my cheeks pop and glisten. A swipe though is all I need; it already gives my cheeks a healthy glow.

After Spoon, I also got Lunch Money, a soft light gold that beauty Youtubers rave about. It’s nice on my morena skin tone and when the sunshine catches it, it reflects a golden glow. Smoke N Whistles is another favorite. It’s a cool-toned pink champagne with silver highlights. It’s not my every day highlighter; it works well in an event night because when the light catches it, it provides an ethereal glow that matches a formal makeup. Over The Moon is the over-the-top highlighter with its hot pink and violet glitters. This is no doubt the most beautiful and whimsical Colourpop highlighter that I own. When I put it on my cheeks, it just gives a new colorful, bright dimension that I’m afraid to wear it on work days. Haha! It’s simply stunning though. Fanny Pack is the “whitest” highlighter I own. It was a part of their strobing kit that was discontinued a while back. Because I’m medium-toned, this doesn’t blend as well as the others. It looks too shimmery white on my skin. Perilune, a green (yes, green!) highlighter has gold glitter and I find this too glittery than shimmery. It works better when paired with other highlighters. Not sure why I picked a green one but looking at the blue Honeymoon, hmmmn. I think I got the correct color. Haha! Anyway, I don’t use this as much as I use the champagne and soft pink highlighters I own. All of my Colourpop highlighters have pearlized finishes.

According to Colourpop, these highlighters work best with a flat synthetic brush which gives more coverage or a duo fiber brush which gives a sheer and airbrushed effect. I don’t use any of those brushes. I use my fingers to apply and blend these and I find that it’s more effective applied this way because my fingers warm the creamy powder and it applies smoother and better. If you own any of Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek products, remember to close them tight after use because they dry up when left open for a period of time.

If you’re looking for Colourpop in Riyadh, here are many online sellers like Irene’s Closet, Shopping Buddy, Limited Editions, etc. They sell on-hand (readily available now) or pre-selling (order now, receive it later) cosmetics. The prices are a bit more expensive, around SR 10 up when you calculate compared to directly ordering from the website, because they add charges for shipping, profit, delivery, etc. If you can’t wait, then check those Facebook pages and websites. But if you have EQ, you can order from Colourpop directly and wait for your orders to be shipped.

Brand: Colourpop

Product Name: Super Shock Cheek Highlighters

Price: USD 8 (, SR 50 (or above) from resellers

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