Peel, Eat and Repeat at Shrimp Shack

Before forks and knives were invented, people ate with their hands. Nowadays, many people still do it but hardly in a public setting, especially in restaurants. To my own disorientation and delight, I found the Shrimp Shack experience to be a refreshing one because it was a get-down-and-dirty kind of eating. As rugged as that sounds, the venue isn’t necessarily a shack (as in literally). It is a rather tall, airconditioned structure but isn’t really fancy looking at all. When you enter, there’s a counter on your left and seats lined up by the walls on your right. I’m not sure if the center area was meant to be empty because it was a Friday night when we visited there and it was very hectic. Surprisingly though, service was swift because of their very simplistic menu and fast clean-up crew.

The view from the lot.

The entrance from the alleyway.

The Shrimp Shack Motto

Since it’s called Shrimp Shack, you can expect that their selection focuses on shrimp with some other seafood items. You may choosse from boiled medium shrimp or jumbo shrimp in either Garlic-Butter sauce, Lemon-Pepper sauce, Cajun sauce and the Shrimp Shack Special sauce. They also have king crab legs in the same variation of sauces and a selection of deep fried seafood too. Soft drinks are unlimited and they give you your cups to fill at the dispenser on your own.

Their one-page, no-fuss menu.

Seating isn’t your typical restaurant set up, instead they will unravel a sheet of clear plastic over your table, deliver your buckets of seafood and hand you a pair or two of plastic gloves. Dig in!

A bucket, disposable gloves and our extra rice.

Unwrap the plastic and voila! Garlic Butter Shrimp.

I ordered the Shimp Shack Special Sauce.

My friend and I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp in both Garlic-Butter and Shrimp Shack Special Sauce. In each bucket were 6 pieces of shrimp and half of a corn, steamed and bundled together in their sauces for maximum flavor-infusion. The Garlic-Butter viand tasted lighter with a hint of zest while the one in the special sauce was more flavorful and had a kick of spice in it. The shrimps were cooked to perfection, soft and juicey in every bite. The corn was also delicious because it basically sipped up all the flavors of the sauce and shrimp that once you sunk your teeth in them, instant yum!

Time to get it on!

We also tried their deep fried calamares and said, yeah ok. Haha! That usually translates to”nothing spectacular” but it was crispy on the outside and adequately chewy on the inside.

Breaded calamares with criss-crossed fries.

THis is the ‘Before’ shot. The ‘After’ shot was messier. 😛

And because you will surely be eating with your hands, it compels you to let go of your inhibitions about eating quite “primitively” in public. In this kind of place, no one will care what you look like while eating because everybody else is doing it. So let loose and have a good time. Bawal maarte. 😛 There are also tables set up outside where people can also enjoy people-watching. It can get very busy on the weekends and you’d have to wait to find a decent seat, so just put that in mind in case you would like to go.

Time to eat, peel and repeat!

Shrimp Shack

Al Thaghar Plaza, Hittin

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