How To Exercise Your Right To Vote

Register first.

Mary and I went to the Riyadh International School last Friday to register for the Overseas Absentee Voting. We went with our fathers on different times. I went around 2 in the afternoon while Mary was a buzzer beater at quarter to 4pm.

As for my experience, the process was finished in ten minutes, half of it was spent in filling up the application form and laughing at my father’s answers. (Officer: Sir, kelan po kayo huling bumoto? Father: Er… 20 years ago?! Officer: Ay bakit naman po? Father: Eh wala kasi akong time. Ako: Huh?! Sa years na yun, wala kayong time?! :P)

It was a feat that I dragged my father to register and I am darn proud of myself that I did. During the past couple of months that the OAV registration was being advertised, I keep on telling him that we need to register. His answer was always “Eh bakit pa tayo boboto?! Baka magamit lang sa dayaan yung boto ko.” Hay, exasperated me would dish out my reasons. Number one of which was that we are given a right to vote. Why not exercise it?!

I know a lot of Filipinos are very much jaded about our country’s government and politics but if we lack care and concern, what will happen? We are Filipino citizens whether we like it or not are in the Philippines or not. Our duties and responsibilities do not stop once we step out of the country. There are many great articles out there that tackle the issue of suffrage and why we should register and vote. The Pink Tarha Girls do not need to elaborate on them. We know that you know it is your right to vote. Sayang naman kung wala ka na lang pakialam diba?

Boboto sila, wee!

Para sa mga magpaparehistro pa (dahil may oras pa, hanggang August 31, 2009 pa ang registration mga kabayan!), eto ang mga dapat tandaan:

Registration on going.

How to go about the OAV registration
1. Know the venue and exact date and time of the mobile OAV registration in your area.
2. Arm yourself with a photocopy of your passport and a pen (optional, para lang hindi hassle).
3. Go there. Best time is in the afternoon (in our experience) because there will be less people. Malamang tapos na kasi lahat dahil mga huling linggo na ng registration.
4. Get an application form (OAVF No.1) and fill it up. Write legibly. Follow one letter per box okay.

Oo, nakakaduling ito.

5. Pass the application form to the officer and wait for your name to be called.
6. When called, sit beside an officer and wait for his/her instructions. You will be asked to place your right and left forefingers (index fingers) and thumbs (syempre hindi sabay) on the fingerprint scanning machine. This will be repeated. Wag mairita dahil normal lang yan para masiguro ang identity mo. Look in the camera in front of you. Say cheese! 😛 Pwedeng ipaulit ang picture kung hindi mo magustuhan ang hitsura mo but be mindful of the people waiting in line. Kung walang linya, eh di isa pa! 😛
7. Verify that your information are correctly typed. Check your name’s spelling.
8. Get the stub and do not lose it!
9. Kalas! Go home. You are now a registered voter. Yey!

The whole process do not take long, unless nagkukumahog na ang lahat ng mga OFWs and their families to register (we doubt it because 1. tapos na sila or 2. ayaw talaga).

For election 2010 information and coverage, check out these sites:
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  1. I want to register but I don't know how. Yes, I have never voted. And probably I never will. But I want to get a voter's ID for bank transaction purposes. The funny thing is that I agree with your father. And that is somewhat lost in transportation (yeah like most ballots are around these here parts) I guess if you have heard teachers tell you the gruesome experience of having to count

  2. I was given a registration from, but didnt came back to register it.<br /><br />Patawarin na lang sana ako ng mga tumakbo sa eleksyun.<br />Tatlo pa naman kaming pinoy sa bahay.<br /><br />Si Lolo gusto rin mag pa rehistro, malay daw, me tumanggap sa kanya, one way daw yun to be integrated in Phils, be a registered voter. Hoping, na if he stays longer in manila, free visa na siya, kasi

  3. I wish to commend those COMELEC guys at POEA who were really so very patient in enticing OFWs to register. Sadly lang talaga ang daming OFW (at ang daming Pinoy) ang parang walang pakialam.<br /><br />Basta ako, I will vote come 2010. Come hell or high waters!

  4. Buti na lang I don&#39;t have to go through all that procedures kasi saktong 1st week of MAy ang uwi ko sa pinas…weeeeee..

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