Suhor With Mont Blanc

SO I AM BACK. Not necessarily from outer space. But from an adventurous three-week “vacation” in the Philippines and Hong Kong. Suffice to say, my trip was more exhausting than it was relaxing  considering all the activities I had in stored. Thus, my eagerness to say ‘Yes!’ when Sundrenched told me that we’ve been invited to an exclusive Suhor dinner sponsored by Montblanc at The Globe was a result of my missing the fine and relaxed life of Riyadh living. 

Montblanc is a luxury brand primarily known for their fountain pen called the “Meisterstuck” (German term for the word: Masterpiece), an item of opulence. In our day and age of ergonomic keyboards and touchscreen typing, a writing instrument as detailed and historical as the Meisterstuck is both symbolic and reminiscent of the grand days of yore when knowledge and histories were scribed in ink. Their brand later on extended to timepieces, leather goods and jewelry. 

The Suhor dinner that they have sponsored at The Globe was for the press people of Riyadh as part of the Montblanc brand promotion. Their PR manager, Ms. Mashael Al Dakheel welcomed us as we entered the The Globe’s restaurant, which has the most scenic view of Riyadh’s city center. The crowd was intimate and yet there was a lavish amount of food. We settled in for some drinks and starters and I began to relay the nitty gritty details of my trips to my girls, S and R. 
I look so happy to be back, don’t I? 😀 From L-R, Shoegarfreeruby, Sundrenched and me.
We enjoyed the appetizers so much (lobster, scallops and smoked salmon, anyone?) that come main course time, we were quite stuffed already. The buffet featured mostly Arabic food of course, such as Beef and Chicken Tajin and the usual garland of tabouleh, babaganoosh and humus. We did enjoy the chocolate soufle later on, which was cooked on the buffet area itself for all to see. 

R and S by that beautiful ice sculpture I really, really liked.
By the way, this event happened close to midnight, on a work day no less! Thus we were adjusting our bodies quite a bit considering that we had to report for work in a couple of hours’ time. Nevertheless, it was great to be invited as one of the “press people” – a term we are still getting comfortable with. 😀 
Montblanc will be having more events and promotions in the future so stay tuned. For now, you may visit their boutique in the first floor of Kingdom Mall. As for inquiries regarding the Iftar and Suhor dinner buffet of The Globe, it would be best to call and inquire with them as the venue might be booked for several company events this Ramadan Season. 
Anyway, I’m very happy to be back in Riyadh folks! Cheers! 
1st Floor, Kingdom Mall
T: 011-211-1080
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For inquiries/reservations at The Globe:
T: 011-273-2222 


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