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WHO HERE IS thankful that The Pink Tarha exists? Blow your air kisses and wave your thanks along Sundrenched’s way as we celebrate her 29th birthday today! It’s overwhelming to imagine how this is the fifth time we’re greeting her on our blog and I think it’s only fair to say that The Pink Tarha has really, really gone a long way.
I looked back in our past birthday greetings to her and it’s been well-known to our long-time readers that The Pink Tarha is S’ brainchild. She’s also our resident “Woman of Wisdom” and is clearly on the forefront of steering the direction of where the blog is going (or not going).
To stir things up a bit, let me throw in some trivia into the mix. Something you might not know about S? Well, I’m one of her closest friends and just to share some stuff you might want to know…
1. She doesn’t like her eggs runny. Well-done is the way to go.
2. She’s actually a big fan of wrestling.
3. She’s not fond of fresh vegetables (she prefers the cooked ones).
4. She was actually raised in the province and was never brought up as a city girl.
5. She’s actually pretty shy (at first!).
Also, we have some messages from her closest girls here in Riyadh.
“There’s no stopping this lady in blooming into a more beautiful woman as the years pass by. The Pink Tarha is a reflection of how vibrant, colorful and wonderful Sundrenched is inside and out. Not only is she blessed with wisdom, but with respect because of her beautiful heart.
Happy birthday dear Sundrenched! May you continue to inspire others to see the brighter side of things everyday. You always are an overflow of brilliant ideas! Thank you for being a trustworthy friend, like a rare gem that is hard to find (and expensive, LOL!). We love you.”
From our Honorary Pink Tarha girls.
Jamila F.:
“Sundrenched is a witty and snobby lady….at first! hahh kidding!!
She has introduced me to see the world in a different perspective most especially Riyadh.  Enjoying life even with its restrictions, and loving whatever the situation is.  She’s a very understanding and opinionated person who is on top of most of things.  I hope and pray that you enjoy your day! Happy happy birthday!! And may you be more blessed on your special day!”
Jou P.: 
“Have you ever heard of the Midas Touch? The king who was cursed with being able to turn everything he touches into gold? I’ve come to believe that S has that, only difference is, she turns everything she puts her mind and hands on into something beautiful; one look at Pink Tarha, her brainchild, and you’ll see what I mean.
S is brilliant but unassuming, logical but passionate. She’s just one of those people who would move you with her quiet confidence and meaningful stares (this one I’ve learned from experience in more ways than one). In the four years that I’ve come to know S, she has become one of my closest friends, my confidant, my mentor (she continues to inspire me not just to write but to create), my telebabad (this almost reveals what generation we’re from), over-cofee partner and most recently, my favorite travel buddy (her wonder&wanderlust is simply contagious).
Anyway, Eyecandy just called to say that this isn’t supposed to be a lengthy testimonial. Hence, let me just say, Happy Birthday, I wish you more miles to cover, books to read and wonderful things to discover. Your Mahn, Jou.”

So to the lady who started it all, who never flinched at the thought of living in Saudi Arabia and even went on ahead writing about all the good things in it, let’s raise our coffee mugs this morning to toast our beloved premier blogger, a trendsetter in all things pink and positive in Riyadh, imitated but never duplicated…truly one-of-a-kind…
Happy Birthday S! 

You might not know this, but she owns Maldives! 😛 JK

She will probably kill me for posting this photo of hers because she’s one of the most modest people I know (not obvious from the posing, but it’s true)…Nevertheless, in our true online birthday greeting tradition, here’s our birthday girl in her best shot in Maldives!
Feel free to send your birthday love and wishes to Sundrenched in the comments section below.

As for me, I know how you like things simple, so my message to you is: “You know I love you girl.” xoxo 😉 Oh, and I baked a cake for you! 



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