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The Kingdom Center or Al Mamlaka in Arabic is one the best shopping destinations in Riyadh. And yes, it is one of The Pink Tarha Team’s favorite shopping spots! Located at the busiest streets of the city in King Fahad Road and Olaya, this beautiful structure houses a three-level shopping center (the third floor exclusive to women), business offices and the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh. By day, it resembles a tower of mirrors and is illuminated by colored lights with hues constantly changing at night time. What makes this landmark allthemore interesting is the towering Skybridge located at the 99th floor of this skyscraper. The Skybridge is a public viewing deck suspended at the hallow opening of the tower.

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I was only able to visit the Skybridge two years ago when a friend invited with her family. To think that the tower was built in 2001, the same year I first arrived in Riyadh, it was only six years later that I was able to finally go there. This shot was taken then with my 2mp camera phone…


The view was indeed breathtaking. Like a miniature Riyadh or a shot from google earth, only for real! The triangular tower with a ‘ball’ on top is the Al-Faisaliah Centre (top center of photo). Sorry for the low res image though. Cameras were not allowed inside, but they allow taking pictures with camera phones only. I’m not sure what the difference is in principle, really. Although they have an ‘in-house’ photographer who can take your souvenir photo with the view as background for a small charge.


See Riyadh at night here (Photo courtesy of wikipedia):



I think most of the expatriates here, especially our Kababayans do not realize that the Skybridge is worth seeing. I know for one that my dad who’s worked here for 25 years has never been there. You think, what’s there to see aside from cars and monochrome buildings? See for yourself! For a small fee of SAR 25, the sight is worth every halala. You will surely appreciate Riyadh and its beauty. Not recommended for the acrophobic though!

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