I didn’t want to go to work today. I’ve been feeling lonely with this thing going on at work lately that I just wanted to experience that “ignorance-is-bliss” feeling. Just as well, I’ve been bugging my aunt to go shopping with me since last week and when she called last Tuesday eagerly asking me to join her this Wednesday (which is a workday) for an all-out shopping bonanza, I jumped right on. I still had a free day from our Eid vacation last year so I decided to make use of that one day today.

This post is titled so because I didn’t tell my girls what my real reasons were for not going to work today. I’m afraid this whole situation at work is eating me up and I just wanted to be with someone that wasn’t involved in all of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls…but being away for a day I guess was something I just felt I wanted to do. I’m sorry guys, I hope you understand. =s

Moving on….

A short backstory on my aunt: She’s a hardworking nurse married to an equally hardworking nurse. The only difference is, my uncle is SUPERDUPER thrifty. It’s admirable to a tee, but sometimes, I just want my aunt to have a little fun with her hard-earned moolah. Being a nurse in Riyadh is hardcore. RESPECT and REPRESENT to all the nurses out here. The off-days are as precious as diamonds, and to think that my aunt has a one-year boy to take care of at home as well…go figure.

So, just imagine our excitement to be running wild in the mall as early as 9am! Yes! You read it right..9 A-M. We practically opened the shops. My aunt is really the one who’s gonna do all the shopping. I’m there only as a guide, enabler, gossip girl and for my own escapist indulgence. We roamed most of Sahara Mall with dropping jaws at the massive sale. All stores with big RED signs, (like the one you see here from ALDO) declaring their intentions for us to practice our incapacities as consumers and minions of the capitalist movement.

My aunt got loads of stuff! Mostly for her baby boy and the rest for herself. We had lunch at one of my favorite places to dine: Tony Roma’s. We ordered the Tony Sampler (half serving) and my favorite Kickin Shrimp* for appetizers. Roma Rack Ribs for me and Rib Eye Steak for my aunt. I also tried their Bahama Mama cooler drink.

The Roma Rack-Bountiful Beef Ribs with sauteed string beans with garlic. I tried their signature sauce of Tony Roma’s Red Hots. Spicy..just how I like it. 65SR. Good for the hungry.

Rib eye steak..Medium rare for my aunt. 12 oz. of pure American BEEF. I think this was around 72SR. Good for three petite ladies.
My favorite, Kickin Shrimp. It’s tempura-like prawns served on a large margarita glass with chopsticks for you to eat them with by poking the shrimp and putting it in your mouth…what’s not to love? 30SR. Good for two.
The Tony Sampler consists of Buffalo Wings, Spinach Dip (heavenly) and TR’s signature Onion Loaf (basically a onion rings’ cake if you will). With fresh celery and carrots to boot. At 45SR, it’s a good price. 😉
Meet the Bahama Mama..really a pink drink. Made out of various fruit juices. I found it too sweet for my liking but I bet the teeny boppers will love it! 15SR. Can act as dessert later on.


We thought we were as full as a pregnant cow but all the shopping left to be done was enough to burn all the calories we ingested. We finished around 5:30 PM and just waited for the limo to pick us up.

Oh, and I did a teeny weeny bit of shopping myself. I’m disappointed at myself because I already got two new shoes since the year began, and its more than what I need, really. But—BUT—you know what I’m gonna say ladies. A girl can never have enough shoes! Aaargh! I first saw these red court heels and decided that the other pair in black may need an adoptive parent too. So I got them as well. Oh, and I also got a good find for my brother.

The red and black court heels are from Peacocks. Price before: 120SR Now: 40SR (each). The jeans are from Next which I got for 65SR from its original price of 200SR.

I was huge fan of Super Mario and now I’m regaining all that mania back with my brother’s Nintendo DS which he lets me play with from time to time. he enjoys Mario too, so I got him this vintage-y Super Mario shirt from Next also…Before 120SR, then 80SR, then when I was gonna pay for it at the counter, the guy said it was now for 40SR!!

Retail therapy much?

Actually, tinipid ko ang sarili ko kasi may lakad kami nila Mama sa Mamlaka tomorrow. We’re gonna go to the Skybridge! Finally! (Coincidentally, Shoegarfreeruby blogged about it just now). We’ll see if there will be more shopping madness tomorrow. But for now, I’m feeling relieved. And that was my goal.

Goodnight reader.

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  1. yeah. you can take the shopaholic anywhere and she would see one thing.<BR/><BR/>A RED sign with four white letters.<BR/><BR/>+_~

  2. munchskins Reply

    hope to see you around ate reinz! haha i’ll be with mama din. regards kay tita! =D miss you..

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