Fashionably Late

If this was a paid magazine, I would have been fired by now.

I’ve been assigned to write something for our blog since last week, but I have been unable to squeeze some creative juice out. I was hoping the piece would come to me like an epiphany, but its been 3 days and the masters of fate have been deaf to my pleas. Perhaps it was meant to be this way. XP

The year-end sale in Riyadh has been in full swing since last week with all of my favorite stores dwindling down their prices to 70-80% off. It’s one of my favorite holidays where I have the ultimate license to shop because the prices are so mind-boggling the stores are practically PAYING ME to take away their stuff. However, since the sale-ala-palooza began, I experienced a “shopper’s block” (if you will). Two weeks passed with me grazing the halls of Mamlaka and Hyatt Mall with nothing to show for it. As in N-O-T-H-I-N-G! I couldn’t believe myself, it was like I had no appetite for the items I saw on sale. And so last week, I declared to the girls that this was the week that I HAD to get something. I’ve been bummed about having to stare at my closet every morning thinking “I have nothing to wear”. And so, being the good friends that they are, we headed out last Tuesday back to Hyatt Mall and I was determined to slash out a hundred bucks out of my wallet.

This I say, would have to be my best buy of the night:

From 199, to 139 to 50SR!! Almost 1/4 of its original price!

A dark gray, double-breasted check jacket from New Look. For 50SR, I consider this a steal. It’s practical for the current winter season, can last for a year or two (if laundered properly) and it can be worn at work or out with friends. Anyone else thinks otherwise? :p

Apart from the jacket from New Look, I was able to score a whole lot of other stuff from Dorothy Perkins and G2000 since my goal was to have something to wear for work. Given my delayed response to the shopping spree of the year, I didn’t go home disappointed. In fact, I’m hungry for more! Good thing salary day is two days away and if rumor serves me right, there’s only 2 weeks of maniac shopping left…Ladies, are you thinking what I’m thinking???



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  1. I so love sale season here in Riyadh,.. I recently went into a shopping spree myself!

  2. nice coat (I have a fashion sense deficit so feel free to tell me if I called it wrong sundrenched always does)

  3. hi reinz! will bookmark this site! nice concept. now i will be more updated with your hapepnings there in saudi. :)<BR/><BR/>go lang sa shopping.

  4. this is trina btw. :)<BR/><BR/>im curious, what does TARHA mean?

  5. chocochilliflavor Reply

    buying branded items on its lowest price every clearance sale is sensational and electrifying, but what if you are not into it? could you still live a happy life there? i mean what else could you do to limber up aside from eating scrumptious, delightful foods and shopping?

  6. chocochilliflavor Reply

    deadbraincell….read the intro…it’s there..well explained..;)

  7. @ chocochilliflavor:<BR/><BR/>we’re not saying that shopping is the only means to a happy life here. "eating scrumptious, delightful foods" maybe one way that i may consider. however, i do regard your point on "what else" we can do. we’re fortunate enough to have our families with us here, and that alone (i reckon) is enough reason for a happy life. i understand that other OFWs don’t enjoy the

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