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When I arrived in Riyadh eight months ago, my first worry is the food. What if I wouldn’t get accustomed to the original shawarma? What if I’ll be forced down to wolf on kabsa forever? What if I’ll be craving for pork every day of my life? Okay, so these thoughts are obviously unfounded because there’s lots of the usual fast food in this place, sans pork products.

Believe it or not, I like the Middle Eastern cuisine. I can eat Persian and Turkish food every other day. But… I love Asian food more! While Filipino, Chinese, and Thai restaurants are easily found in almost every nook in Riyadh, finding Japanese food (which I’ve been craving for since the day I landed in the Kingdom) was a bit of a struggle.

Good thing, the members of the Pink Tarha Team introduced me to a Japanese restaurant located in the food court of Faisaliah Mall. Samurai Japanese Food Restaurant satiated my sushi / maki / tempura craving! Now, I see to it that whenever I go to Faisaliah, I always buy something from Samurai.

Last week was no different:

Salmon sashimi (3 pieces, SAR15) and tempura roll (3 pieces, SAR10).

When you’re craving for Japanese food, Samurai is your go-to stall. Try their beef teriyaki as well! They have branches in Faisaliah and Mamlakah (Kingdom Center).


Samurai Japanese Food Restaurant
Al-Faisaliah Tower (food court) – 2734386
Kingdom Tower (food court) – 2112402

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  1. AGREED! Samurai is a family favorite as well!

  2. Yakusoba FTW!<BR/><BR/>=P

  3. *salivating* thank god I live near a tokyo tokyo.

  4. Waaah! I miss Tokyo Tokyo! Sarap ng sumo meals! Huhu.

  5. chocochilliflavor Reply

    i want food, food, food!.. =p

  6. is the samurai better than the radison SAS japanese restuarant ? or from tokyo restuarant…

  7. Tokyo Restaurant is the best in town. i also got another review from a co-worker here who used to study in Japan.

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