The 9SR Fab Finds (Yes, They Exist!)

Okay, so 9 riyals is 112.50 in Philippine peso but 9 riyals here is just 9 riyals! And when you’re shopping in two of the Kingdom’s famous malls, and you happen to chance upon shoes and shirts for 9 riyals each in branded shops, you shouldn’t waste any time in buying not one but as many as you want. Yeah, even if it means buying the same kind of style over and over. So what? They come in different colors anyway, yes? (The thinking of a shopaholic, mmmkay?)

That’s what I did when I stumbled on these items:

Tank tops by Stradivarius (Faisaliyah Mall branch) and matte high-heels by F&F Mode (Hayat Mall branch). Yep, 9SR each!

The top’s original price is 39SR. I like their fit. And the shoes… gawd, I love them! They’re surprisingly comfortable (I’m rockin’ those two inch heels! Hehe!) Original price is a little over 100SR a pair.

The shoes come in two colors (Notice that Eyecandy23 and I bought the red and black versions of one shoe style because it’s just the way it is, LOL) only so I’m pretty much solved with the idea that I got both pairs while the tank tops… Hmn, should I go back for the forest green one? But you’ve probably beaten me to it by now.

Sale season will be over this week. Hey, you’re still reading? Stop and go to the mall!

Now! As in HURRY!

I’ll see you there! 😉

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  1. ganda naman the shoes!!pamatay pa ang presyo!!<BR/>wahho!!!tara shopping tau

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