Turkey is in Town

On my way to work this morning, I noticed that there are visiting neighbors once again:

On the road: you can see the Faisaliyah Tower vaguely at the back.

Flag of Turkey

I’ve been at the mall all weekend and I haven’t been abreast with the news lately so I wonder why Turkey is coming for a visit. It’s customary here in Riyadh to adorn the roads with flags of visiting countries (especially the routes of which they delegations will pass by) as a sign of welcome and hospitality. Hmmm…I wonder if I should visit Assaraya Restaurant* this week?

Anyway, I need to sort my day for now. Later.

*Assaraya Turkish Restaurant is an excellent restaurant serving delicious Turkish mezze and barbecued meats. It’s a very popular restaurant and has been around for more than 20 years. Their babaganoosh (a mediterranean eggplant dip) is to die for!! And…if rumor serves me correctly, they have attractive waiters there too. 😉

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant
Thalatheen Street – 464 9336

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  1. chocochilliflavor Reply

    ow! like the others they are hospitable too, far from what people thinks that it’s a hostile country.

  2. saucytimmy Reply

    gggrrrr..why the flags of turkey were scattered all over?? wala man lang ako nakita kahit isang philippine flag, sana nagtusok man lang sila ng isa kahit sa may damuhan…lol

  3. it turns out, having the flags of turkey around town in in respect to their recently concluded soccer match that was pretty relevant. <BR/><BR/>apparently, GMAs visit wasn’t worth streaming the road lines with Filipino flags. 🙁

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