50’s Doll

If you can’t keep the old stuff and yet adore vintage style like me, this is the best time to produce this look. With the ‘vintage feel’ flooding almost every store, it’s easy to start your own collection. Black and white is one combination I find hard to resist. Enjoy this classic outfit for that elegant 50’s doll look!

Gothic Romance.

Gothic top H&M
Heart sunnies TOPSHOP
Pearl Necklace MS. SELFRIDGE
Silver clutch CALLIOPE
Red peep toe wedge shoes NINE WEST
Bow headband NEW LOOK

Finally, hairdo and make-up to complete the look:

Now you’re ready to go!

This is Inside Our Closet 3. Check out other clothing mixes here.

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This entry is a collaboration between The Pink Tarha ladies. Written by Janelle and Reina.


  1. Anonymous Reply

    Just pass by to pay you girls a visit. Nice site. Keep it up, its one way of killing the time in a place where everything is the same, plenty of malls yet nowhere to go. : )<BR/><BR/>BlogusVox<BR/>http://blogusvox.blogspot.com<BR/><BR/>P.S. May I suggest you change your comment setup? This one doesn’t work properly. I know because a lot of my commenters complain.

  2. @blogusvox: thank you for visiting our site. yes, we’re having problems with our comments. sigh. will have to make it work better soon. will try to figure out this settings thing. *cough, try, cough*<BR/><BR/>have a nice day!

  3. glad you gals and blogs is now having communication. yup, i have a hard time commenting too. but i persist. i guess. hehe

  4. weee… I’m drooling over the red shoes… I have always wanted to own one… ^_^

  5. @ Cara:<BR/>go and get one! they’re a great accent to any dull outfit. a must-have, so there’s your excuse 🙂

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