A step to the world of Fantasy

Here in Saudi Arabia we have our own version of Enchanted Kingdom and it is the Fantasy Land I refer to. It is located in Janadriyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, almost 20 kilometers away from the Center.

The main entrance.
Students are having their field trip

Fantasy Land will appeal to all, especially to children. This theme park features a toyshop, cottages [you need to pay for the cottages, however it is optional], pool, rides, and it has several food stores. It is open everyday from 8:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening. It is very accessible.
Pool inside the Fantasy Land.
Photo courtesy of Zafar


Teens are enjoying the rides.

They love bump cars too.These are the cottages behind is the Mosque.

In the theme park, men and women have different schedule of visit for, as the law prohibits, they should not come together. Male and female should always be segregated.If it’s ordinary day men and women are being alienated from each other, women have their own place where they can use the rides as well as the men. So if you are men, please don’t attempt to go to women’s area if you don’t want the religious police to catch you after.

However, during field trip the place can be exclusively rented for the students. This time both genders can mingle together and enjoy the fun rides.

Teens are having their own outdoor activities.
They showcase the sea lion-and-dolphins show inside like in Japan’s Ocean Park, but take note cameras or even cell phone cameras are prohibited inside so please don’t attempt to show it or bring them with you.

A stolen shot from the sea lion show.

Bring your love ones and friends and have fun!

Photo Credits: Zafar, Ariele, Kristine, Paul, Jon, and Aden

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