Anatomy of a Shawarma

Because the Pink Tarha Team is craving (madly) for shawarma today, here’s a look at the innards of the most famous Middle Eastern spiced meat sandwich:

It may look unappetizing and unappealing on the photo (even verging on “gross” for the clueless) but this humble wrap packs a lot of wonderful ingredients and flavors. Seasoned and marinated shawarma meat (chicken in photo but can be beef, lamb, goat…whichever you prefer) is roasted and then shaved off a large rotating cone of layered meat (I’m one with you in wondering how they debone and stuck the meat flat in there). Pieces of the meat are then sliced off and served in a folded pita bread with garnishes and condiments (mostly fries, pickles, and garlic mayonnaise).

You’ll never have a hard time spotting a shawarma stall in the Kingdom. They’re everywhere! See the shawarma servers do their thing in a flash! They’re so fast they can feed an army in no time! Mama Noura Restaurant near the King Fahd Medical City, IKEA‘s snack stall in Exit 17, and Assaraya Restaurant in Thalatheen street are famous for having the most delicious shawarmas in the city. (Contenders anyone?)

Arabic Food Inside KSA
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  1. GOD!!this is so MOUTH WATERING!!<BR/>hehehe<BR/>di prin pagpapalit ss waffles…:P<BR/>lov ya!!

  2. okay, next time eh waffles naman! 😉

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