Can’t Resist

Frequent mall visits during the sale season is expected and encouraged. But during the regular-no-red-on-window days, all I get to do is to note on the nice stuff (shoes are priority) my favorite stores have. But when you see these in the stores, you just can’t help but buy even if they’re not on discount!

New Look, Hayat Mall:

“Your feet look gorgeous”, yeah I believe you.


River Island, Sahara Mall:

Even if my closet has no more space for them. Hmm, maybe I can keep some in the kitchen?!

Those marketing strategies are working with me alright. Any other victims?

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  1. who wrote this. smells like sundrenched to me. ahahah.

  2. shoegarfreeruby wrote it…she’s the ultimate shoe addict amongst us. 😉

  3. hoy nina, hindi mo ba nakita yung posted by?<BR/>hehehe.. thanks sa mga comments mo….

  4. Haha, funny, when I was in Riyadh I don’t remember seeing *any* shoe store which sold great shoes (save maybe for those Batha stores which sold fake Dr. Martens… yes, it’s been so long since).

  5. saucytimmy Reply

    wow, its my first time to leave a comment..well i am promoting this blog to my friends! i want to join… can you make it 5 sassy pinays????

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