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We finally belted up the odds to overcome our salivating desire for Assaraya Restaurant this week. I claimed that by hook or by crook, I will be gettin’ myself some babaganoosh! XDMaryhadalittlehump along with Sundrenched were hungry for the shawarma while Shoegarfreeruby opted for some mixed grill kebabs. We ordered around 11:30 and were told that the we can pick up the order an hour later (since unfortunately this fantastic restaurant does not deliver). Sundrenched and I braved a limo to Olaya to claim our stomach’s desires. By one o’clock we stood together in our pantry, gazing upon the delight before us:

Our day’s treasure. Packed of Turkish food goodness! If you’ve ever lived in Riyadh, surely you’ve heard of the fame of Assaraya Turkish Restaurant. Notorious shawarmas and babaganoosh with prices that won’t tear up your wallet! The service is good too.

Seen above: Jumbo Shawarma (6SR), Mixed Grill Kebabs with Chicken, Beef and Lamb (30SR), Babaganoosh (aka Baba Ghanoush for 6SR) and plenty of freshly baked unleavened bread (2SR) but I think they give it for free to beautiful young ladies. 😉

We had individual take-home orders, but the total of our meal, including cab fare was ±150SR which is far less expensive than the fine dining restos we usually hit. And, we were all FULL and finally, our shawarma and babaganoosh cravings have been satisfied!

Have we ignited yours? 😉
Assaraya Turkish Restaurant
Olaya, Thalatheen Street – 9661.464.9336

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  1. Sav Reply

    i miss real middle-eastern food! there’s tons of shawarma places here but i still haven’t found one that can compare to the shawarma in riyadh. and i miss the fact fact that you can order as late as 11:30pm there… most restos here close at 11:00! i’m hungry now… lol

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