Eyecandy in Jeddah

Nadagdagan ang magaganda sa Jeddah.

For three days that is. 😉

An international symposium related to my job prompted me be a representative of my office at this event that was held at Intercontinental Jeddah. My primary duty was to be “eyecandy” really–to get the participants interested/informed about one of our medical journals by giving out its copies and flyers. As mentioned in my profile, I work in publishing so there you go, I produce these materials and was proud to get the chance to show off these babies. At first I was pretty much wrecked over the preparations and having to travel on my own in a place I’ve never been to before. But hey, I’m not one to say no to an adventure. Especially if it’s paid for! 😛

My booth by the Exhibition Center @ the Intercon

I had a very generous sponsor who booked me a room at the Radisson SAS (along Medina Rd) and had me fly business class via Saudia Airlines. That setup alone set the tone of my trip: Posh in Jeddah. And how posh the trip was! Devouring smoked salmon and prawns for lunch at the Intercon, joyriding through the boutiques of Tahlia St. and dining aboard a (mini)ship while cruising Jeddah waters at Mashar Al-Aham, Obhur–were just some of the “posh” things I did while I was there.

My hotel room @ The Radisson.
Smoked salmon and fried prawns for lunch. (hidden shot)

Aboard the mini-ship that took us around Obhur Creek
(eastern side of the Red Sea, I’m told)

Of course, I did not miss King Fahad Fountain, Jollibee and Al-Baik! Thanks to the friendly kabayans who offered to show me around these places. Special shoutout to Ms. Arlene Luna and Mr. Ador Javier! You guys rock!! My Jeddah visit would not have been as complete if not for your sincere kindness.

The friendly crew at Jollibee were all smiles in welcoming the “tourist” = “me”. 😀

Jollibee….parting is such sweet sorrow! :'(
Al-Baik broasted chicken at 1 in the morning. YUM-Oh! Again, thanks to Ms. Arlene for insisting I try these!

Suffice to say, I was mixing (a lot of needed) pleasure with business. Being eyecandy is hard work but I’m not complaining. I just felt renewed at the opportunity to have been able to smile all day and meet new people from all walks of life. And of course, promoting our journal. 🙂 The symposium had over 1,200 participants, so clearly, the surroundings had a stark difference from my regular days of sitting in front of the computer as my only form of “social life”.

Other than that, I found Jeddah to be relaxed and pleasant. What struck me above all was the attitudes of the people, especially the Saudi folks. I never thought I’d meet a decent Saudi guy in my entire life (maybe because they’re all in Jeddah! *haha*) But I did, perhaps three or five of them. I found our conversations equally platonic with no malice/seduction intended which is such a relief coming from a place that deems eye-contact as a form of flirtation already.

This is what a decent Saudi guy looks (and acts) like.

This is what a decent AND funny Saudi guy looks like. 😀

Jeddah was almost “normal”. For me it was friendly, fun and refreshing. The trip may as well have been a blessing in disguise. Prior the 23rd, I was reaching new heights of haggardness. Now, I can’t even remember what I was fussing about. That trip did me goooood.

However, I still consider Riyadh as my home and Jeddah…well, Jeddah was the next great escape.


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  1. marhaba kabayan!!!i love reading ur blog so kikay n yet so intellectual it reminds me of reading the book"Girls of Riyadh"but with a twist of pinoy.<BR/><BR/>oi parang nakita na kita sa faisaliah or sa mamlaka mall im not sure kung ikaw un lol.

  2. @mightydacz – thanks for being a reader of he blog. we really appreciate it! now that you’ve made yourself heard, we’d be visiting your blog soon too! :)<BR/><BR/>if you see me, say hi! i won’t bite! hehe. XD

  3. Your post about jeddah makes me go there, lol.<BR/>Some would be afraind because of the extremists in arab countries, but so many filipinos pala there, so it is interesting.<BR/>Saka, bakit kau merong jolibeee dyan, daya!

  4. Jeddah would indeed be an escape to the fundamentalist and extremist ambiance of the capital city of the kingdom.<BR/><BR/>There’s more to what you’ve seen in Jeddah! Visit, explore, and connect. You’re most welcome!

  5. @ Francesca – Madaya nga kasi walang Jollibee dito sa Riyadh…so ang layo pa ng travel just to get a taste of Chicken Joy. Indeed, there is some paranoia attached to visiting Arab countries, but I really felt that Jeddah was eager to show its visitors that they are different from their neighbors. We’ll be visiting your site! Thanks. :)<BR/><BR/>@ Desert Aquaforce – Next time, I’ll bring the rest

  6. That’s one bright idea! Ok. Akin ang prawns sa handaan. Hayaan mo, we’ll present this to the rest of the bloggers in this region. Sana merong mag blog about this eyeball.<BR/><BR/>Btw, have you tried the shrimp sandwich and shrimp basket they have at Al Baik? It’s deliciooooouuusss! We supply them the shrimps…

  7. Nice blog! Sana next work ko dyan din para mas masaya.

  8. @ Desert Aquaforce – Grand Eyeball of Pinoy Bloggers in Saudi!!? *haha* why not? like a symposium din daw oh. it’ll be a great op for PR..and I think Jeddah would be a fitting place to hold the event. 🙂 and..chicken lng na-try ko sa Al-Baik eh…next time I’ll order what you said.<BR/><BR/>@Dyosah – Thank you! Saan ka ba nagwowork? Hindi, mas masaya pa rin sa Riyadh!! *joke*

  9. Good thing the Saudi guys were pleasant enough to have their photos taken ^_^<BR/><BR/>Girl, I’m craving for Jollibee tuloy… You obviously had a great time at Jeddah! What’s next? … will be following your posts!

  10. @ Cara – They’re now my friends girl, kaya pumayag! *hehe* But I asked them if it was okay, and they said that they didn’t mind. <BR/><BR/>Next up? Egypt maybe? 😀 😀 Or Dammam ba muna gehlz? ;)<BR/><BR/>Thanks for following the blog! You’re offically our first follower!

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