Happy Thriftin’ in Abu Riyalin

If the Philippines has the 99 Peso Store and Vente, Saudi Arabia has Abu Riyalin. This is a store which sells most of their items for 2 riyals (2SR). Of course, there are some items which cost more than 2SR but they’re pretty much cheaper compared to their mall prices.
I first stepped into an Abu Riyalin three months after I got here to buy decors for my room. We’ve been frequenting the branch near the Military Hospital since then for small household items that we need. We found a bigger Abu Riyalin store just after the intersection of the King Fahd Medical City, the road going to Batha’s direction. It reminds me so much of the 168 Mall in Divisoria, only this time all the items are found in one big store rather than in many stalls.

What awaits you inside an Abu Riyalin store? Here:

Party paraphernalia.
Toys, lots of them
A doll in abaya and tarha
Hair accessories, all colors all kinds (Can you see what kind of accessory that lady is wearing?)
Makeup: powders, blushes, eyeshadows, pigments
Lippies, glosses, and polishes
Pots and pans
More kitchen ware
Immaculate melaware
Pitchers and kettles
Almost everything you’ll need for your homes is here. Though the quality is questionable, who cares? For essential (and not-so essential) home stuff that you won’t be needing for a lifetime, Abu Riyalin offers it all! (I was inclined to say “they’ve got it all” but that would be SM. 😉

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  1. Beautiful ladies,<BR/>You’re great bargain hunters!

  2. i love two riyals store!<BR/>you can buy different items here na mura lang…

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Where&#39;s this Riyalin Store near Military Hospital? Can u please give me directions/landmarks? Thanks! 🙂 great blog, btw. Keep it up!

  4. Hi @Anonymous: The famous riyalin store near RKH (Military Hospital) directions — &gt; Once you are at the traffic light that leads you to turn left towards RKH (in here you will find the La Paz Batchoy resto and Blue Ribbon Bakery on your right, and the large Al Rajhi Supermarket on your left), turn left after that traffic light and just go straight. Keep going until you see Peking Restaurant (

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