How To Celebrate Valentine’s In Saudi Arabia

This is for all the Filipinos in the Kingdom. For non-KSA-based people, find tips for a normal Valentine’s day on other sites. We’re sure tips for you will be all over the net.

Because the day of hearts is near, let the Pink Tarha gehls help you in celebrating Valentine’s day in Saudi Arabia… (Yeah, even if technically you cannot celebrate it here because of er, religious reasons. Let’s not go in-depth with those reasons okay?) Moving on… Follow our simple dos and have a sweet, worry-free February 14!

This is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s in Saudi Arabia:

1. Celebrate in advance… or belated.
No occasion is never too early or late to celebrate. To avoid the hassles of February 14, have fun on the 12th or 13th (weekend here) or the next weekend. You better bet that the religious police is on heightened alert on the 14th for subversive citizens. So avoid throwing and attending Valentine parties, whether it be in someone’s house or in Isteraha. Besides, the celebration of love is not a matter of when. It’s the who that counts. Naks! 

But if you cannot help but “celebrate” on the 14th, follow this guide:

2. Come empty-handed. 

If in the Philippines you come knockin’ on your beloved doors with flowers and chocolates and teddy bears, it is best to come without those paraphernalia here. Do not buy flowers on February 14, even if it’s for your sick relative or friend. Do not be caught receiving one either. Just think of it this way: Who wants expensive flowers which do not last very long anyway? Isn’t it more romantic to receive a bouquet on an ordinary day to make it an extraordinary one? 😉3. Wear all colors… except red.
Who’s not happy during Valentine’s? Everyone wears this “blooming” smile and you cannot pretend you do not know that a certain “romantic” mood is in the air. So to show that you’re happy being married or being in a relationship, wear lots of sunshiney colors… except the color of love, RED. Yes it’s crazy but red is the dreaded color for February 14 in this side of the world. You can wear black or grey or white for whatever reasons but please do not wear red. Include all shades of red just to be on the safe side.

4. Have a recession-friendly Valentine’s date.
Scrimp and save by preparing your special dinners at home rather than going out. In the first place, if he or she is still your bf/gf, you cannot be seen together in public. If he or she is already your husband/wife, then it’s better to save up. If you do not know how to cook, share a take out of kabsa or have Pizza Inn deliver their Buy 1 Get 1 Free pizzas! Watch romantic movies while eating pizzas for that ultimate cheesy effect! ;P

5. Make a “virtual” expression.
The dating game here in Saudi Arabia is primarily via text messaging or online chatting. To avoid mishaps from the authorities, stick to what works–give that special someone a call or a “makalaglag-panty” text message to guarantee a spot in their hearts. That, or you can also post a heart-wrenching comment on their social network pages for the world to see.

6. E-greetings for Valentines

Every time is a good time for love, but February 14 still is something remarkable and special. If you’re not the chatty type (see above), you can just download e-cards everywhere in the net without any dithering. Express your love by sending heart-warming valentine e-greetings with your friends and loved ones that are as easy to pick up and answer, as they are to send.

7. Celebrate Valentines… abroad.
If you’re really itching to celebrate the love day complete with all the works (flowers, gifts, decors, music, etc…), go to a country that celebrates it for all intents and purposes. For example, fly to nearby UAE, Bahrain, or Europe or time your vacation to the Philippines this February. Obviously, you can go to all the other countries to celebrate Valentine’s outwardly except here. Er, you have 1-2 days to decide and book and pack and fly. So this tip is kindda urgent. As in, now na!

That’s all for now, folks. Leave your tips on the comment box or let us know how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s day in this desert. Maybe you’ll spend it sleeping, perhaps? Good for you.

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  1. What else can I say with your pointers girls? Guess, you said it all and I learned from it. Nehow, I don’t celebrate Valentines since 16 years ago. No, no, no… to what you might think… I wasn’t proselytized to join some kind of a fans club…<BR/>Watch out for my Valentine’s blog… you’ll know why.

  2. Happy valentines girls!<BR/><BR/>Your post is funny and very, very true. Para icelebrate ang Valentine’s Day sa Saudi, we should appear un-Valentined. Haha.

  3. @desert aquaforce: "i don’t celebrate Valentines since 16 years ago…" ay antaray! bakit kaya? sige, magbabasa kami ng blog mo.<BR/><BR/>@nebz: exactly! 😉

  4. Happy S.A.D.!<BR/><BR/>will show you what we did on Hot Mamah’s bday slash vday.<BR/><BR/>Me I am at work now. Sucks to be me. Even if I am in a country that allows red-wearing, Mernel’s cake buying, ewwish PDA galore in the freedom park, mushy to the point that defies decency kind of Valentine’s…I am working on V-day. And I was late. Effing…*cusses in korean*

  5. *will show at multiply (in pichurs) what we did this morning of Vday.

  6. haha! sayang nabasa ko after valentines na, pero very entertaining talaga. hehe, I think NJ of Desert Aquaforce tag this story in his blog too.

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