How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship but there’s such a thing as a perfect relationship which works for you and your partner. If keeping a normal relationship is quite hard now, try having a long distance relationship (LDR)! It requires triple the effort of a couple to survive one. But do not fret, two of the Pink Tarha girls are in LDRs (guess who?!) so they’ll share with you their input on how to make LDRs work. (The right ones to guess who among the PT girls are in LDRs get the chance to date them!)

We’re not saying we’re experts on this thing, but if what we’re about to tell you can help you, then we’re willing to take the chance to proudly say that we know what we’re talking about! 😉

1. Know your relationship’s worth.

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Long distance relationships can make or break couples. You and your partner should have an understanding that is molded by a sturdy foundation of trust, comfortableness and commitment. If you have this, then consider yourself strong and WISE enough to withstand the (sometimes violent) forces of space and time.

2. Always (TRY to) do the right thing.
There is no such thing as an angel on earth. And surely, dark spirits are lurking in every corner waiting for you to fall in their traps. When you find yourself vulnerable, and missing the “physical” attention you use to get–while indecent proposals are hitting at you left and right—choose the person that you want to become. It’s easier said than done (we know). Just keep in mind the one day that you stare yourself at the mirror and see if you will like the person looking back at you.

3. See the silver lining.

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One of the things that we appreciate about long distance relationship is the “freedom” to discover who you are and what you’re really made of outside the context of your partner. It’s important to become conscious of your identity and develop it because it is one way to enrich a relationship. It is also a handy reserve for a broken heart. 😉 Other pros of LDR are being able to stay on your favorite channel, hog the bed and snore like a construction drill. In other words: Broaden your independence!

4. Grow UP! Both of you.
If there is one major factor in LDRs, that is MATURITY. Stop fussing over the little things, i.e., he/she went out with friends tonight and it’s already 2am in his/her part of the world and you’re anxiously waiting for a text message saying that they’re home, or you have been incessantly calling their mobiles to no avail and you’ve crossed over to paranoia? We mean seriously, if your partner has some form of respect for you and he/she knows what does and does not tick you off, then he/she must be responsible enough to fulfill those expectations. This applies to both parties. Like we mentioned in #1 (see above), if you have that kind of relationship, then trust yourself to be that.

5. Keep in Touch.

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With the world’s high tech discoveries, it’s no longer an effort to keep communication lines open. Choose the platform that suits you best – whether it be the mobile phone, the internet, the post office, etc. – say what you want to say and find time to make your presence be felt every day (or okay, every other day). Avoid using the lamest alibi ever-“I’m busy.” Puhleez! There’s really no excuse not to keep in touch so don’t make this a source of your (petty) quarrels.

6. Inspire and encourage.
Once in a while, ask your partner of his/her opinions on topics and decisions that matter to you, even if he/she might not be directly involved with them. Make him/her feel he/she is always a part of your life. Let your partner feel that he/she continuously inspire you to improve yourself. Likewise, encourage and guide them to be their best in endeavors they’re currently in. Be each other’s own cheering squad.

You’re welcome to add your insights! Leave us a comment.

So yeah, we’re kidding about the chance to date the two PT girls. But you can still guess if you want. 😉

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  1. Love it! I’m in an LDR and v. v. helpful. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. I liked your post. It’s so mature and so true.<BR/>Additional thoughts? I think you’ve covered na all the bases. And I particularly liked number 6.<BR/><BR/>Siempre pag magkahiwalay kayo there is this feeling of insecurity and doubt, kaya importante na dapat you continually validate your love for each other. Lame excuse din para sa akin ung ‘tukso’ dahil walang pwedeng mangyari na hindi mo

  3. @kristine pinky: Thanks for visiting our site. We’re glad that an LDR is working for you. Keep it up! Remember, defy the distance! ;)<BR/><BR/>@Nebz: Thank you for the additional insight. Are you in an LDR? Haha. Anyway, we’re sorry but your guess is wrong. We’re not saying if both are wrong or right or only one is… let’s give others a chance to guess but you’re free to try again! Haha! More

  4. Love the practical tips. Madaling nguyain at lunukin ika nga. Most of the time we make choices without realizing the extent of our decisions. Still boils down to maturity and standing up for what you value in life. Kung ano bang mahalaga sa iyo, di ba? Ano bang bumubuo sa pagkatao mo. Grabe, lalim na nito. I have to stop baka magsermon pa ako. <BR/><BR/>Sino nga ba sa atin ang nasa LDR, haha! 😉

  5. simone Reply

    *sighs* LDRs don’t work for me even if I work hard on them.<BR/><BR/>Lesson: Make sure to find the right person WORTHY of the extra mile. ^^

  6. so you&#39;re &quot;it&quot; – sugarfree ruby &amp; eyecandy23…kayo ang mga dakilang LDRs huh…<BR/><BR/>so i&#39;ll sing this sheena easton&#39;s &quot;Long long distance love affair, I can´t find you anywhere I call you on the telephone, but you´re never home…I gotta get a message to you, I wanna tell you what I´m going through… What in the world´s comin´ over you&quot;…hehehe badoy

  7. @simone: too bad an LDR doesn’t work for you, but we’re sure the "normal" kind of relationship works for you more. good luck and thanks for visiting our site!<BR/><BR/>@desert aquaforce: uh-oh! i’m sorry but you guessed wrong too. mix and match more and try again!:)<BR/><BR/>yes, distance makes the heart grow "fonder" but we cannot deny that sometimes, it can also make the heart "forget."

  8. sana pwede ishare sa fb mga artik d2

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