My Debenhams Loot

Thanks to the ad that made Eyecandy23’s heart palpitate like crazy, we braved the Wednesday rush to the Kingdom Tower to get first dibs on Debenham‘s Buy 1 Get 1 free promo. When we got there, we were overwhelmed by the crowd… and the stuff that were literally everywhere. What did we do? Run… and dive in the madness! (You think we’ll back out in this kind of sale insanity?! Heck, bring it on! 😉

So after the two evening salats, I finally managed to clear my mind, calm down, and decide which among the items on my bag will I be taking home.

Royal blue satin top and dark blue sleeveless day dress from Topshop
The top and the dress’ original price is 225SR. Now they’re both down to 65SR. And because it’s buy one get one free, I have to pay 65SR only for both! Tell me, how can I refuse this?! Grey cashmere long top and mint shoulder bag from Dorothy Perkins
The top’s original price is 275SR and the bag’s a little over 100SR. Now, the top is on sale for 75SR and the bag is 55SR. I only paid 75SR for both. Woot!

There were still a lot of stuff that I want from Debenhams but tomorrow, I’ll still be going to war on the last day of the sale season so I’m done with Debenhams for now. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. 😉

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  1. i like the small blue one..<BR/>looks elegant.. =)

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