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The Wednesday rush to Debenhams was chaos! With Eyecandy23 reporting the status of shoppers at the Kingdom Centre, I just didn’t have the energy to brave the crowd. Add the fact that most of the people you compete with the nice stuff are people you recognize from work! I guess the mere thought of digging through piles of disorganized racks exhausted me already. So instead, I went to my quiet and peaceful shopping haven…Topshop. The decline of shoppers was obvious, since all of them were in Debenhams, Kingdom Centre at this time. Shopping behavior is quite predictable, I know.


Topshop, Sahara Mall

I rarely go out of Topshop empty-handed, that’s for sure. Here are some of my finds, modeled by Carpio the Teddy:

Topshop Grey wool and off-white caps, SAR20 each

Having the chance to go out again on Friday night, I had my fair share of the Buy 1, Get 1 promo but not from Debenhams. This time from Oasis, Granada Mall. Here are my Friday night finds:

Dorothy Perkins Grey knit blouse with cream bow detail, SAR 50
Oasis Scarves, SAR 35

Topshop Sleeveless dress, SAR 25

What better way to conclude the winter (and year-end sales) but with Saturday morning rain, gloomy skies and morning traffic! Since we only get rain twice a year, this was yesterday’s surprise…

We’re all motivated to go to work today…*lazy*

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  1. hehe, mukhang mahilig sa malling ang mga nakapink tarha girls ah.

  2. MR. T, hindi naman masyado…hobby lang nila yan in general. Hobby daw oh. +_~

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