Of Syndromes and a Woman

I’ve been out of the (blog)loop lately due to a series of syndromes.
There was the:
(Sale-Season-Withdrawal Syndrome),
(you know what that is), &
(Haggard-sa-Trabaho Syndrome).Cumulatively it is regarded as a bad case of SSS (Super Stress Syndrome) scientifically known as Haggardous Milletus Caktuz.

Anyway, since I’ve been “away”, zero-visibility sandstorms have been prevalent in the city, China visited, the King was in the neighborhood and Valentine’s day went by like a blur (At least I got a Ferrero choco-trio, a white rose and some sweet talk from a special someone). Also, just yesterday, King Abdullah reshuffled the Council of Ministers and named Noor Al-Fayez as the Deputy Minister for Girl’s Education. This is a pretty big deal since she is the first woman EVAR to be appointed in the government council. (Read the full story here). The best thing to do is HOPE and may all the pioneer women icons of Saudi Society mark this as a glorious day.

I’m hoping to post some more relatively relevant entries as soon as my “dark cloud” clears up. In the meantime…Tesbaheena ala khair*!

*goodnight/sweet dreams

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  1. Matututo ako sa u ng Arabic. Ang alam ko lang sabah ala khair. O siguro dahil wala namang nagsasabi sa akin ng tesbaheena ala khair. puro good evening lang.<BR/><BR/>DByCS ako ngayon e because of the last sandstorm (Downed by Cough Syndrome).<BR/><BR/>…at nagbabago na nga b ang pananaw ng Saudi sa kababaihan? Well, let’s find out sa pagbabalik ng…Tarha! A small step is good. Tomorrow it

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