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Just when The Pink Tarha Team thought that they’ve seen the best of the year-end sales, they are badly mistaken!
The most-awaited Debenhams Buy One, Get One sale starts today! Seeing this announcement in the local paper disrupted us all at work big time! Sino ba namang hindi matataranta o makapagtrabaho ng maayos nito? It made us all want to rush to Sahara Mall, Kingdom Centre and Granada Mall where all three branches of Debenhams are located.

Debenhams is a famous British retailer of different designers and lines (Matthew Williamson, Topshop, JohnRocha to name a few). Haay, it’s only 10AM, 6 hours to go before work is over…

Today should be declared an official holiday!
Why do we love Saudi Arabia? You answer.

The Pink Tarha Team will give you updates on this post regarding their best finds from this weekend’s sale.

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  1. saucytimmy Reply

    shopping fever! well this is dramatic ok? "i hope when you visit the kingdom mall for the weekend’s sale, you’ll remember me" huhuhu…<BR/><BR/>hehehehehehehe….. =p

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