Remnants of the A/W Sale Season

So it is over… but I’m still not over it!

I’m sure the girls of Saudi are still left with unopened stuff that were accumulated from the frenzy and chaos known as the sale season. I, for one, haven’t gone through my purchases one by one. They are still piled up on my reading couch: tried on once, labels still intact. Every time I open my wallet, it keeps reminding me that it committed suicide, not once but many times over in the first months of 2009. I’m such a cruel boss!
I started the sale season right but even if it’s already finished, I just can’t get over the euphoria of it all. I’m sorry, eh it only happens twice a year! And I’m in denial like that.

The chaos the sale season brought.

I took advantage of the last days of the sale season by buying stuff I do not normally get for my wardrobe. Like tattered jeans, colorful tops, pastel dresses, bling-y flats… these are the stuff my bleak closet is not made of. And I surprised myself by getting them out of their misery being dumped in piles of goods that say “Come and get us, we’re freakin’ 95% off!” Who’s the idiot who’ll not be compassionate enough?! I care! I really, really care!

Bottoms from Bershka, New Look, Peacocks, and Stradivarius

Tops from Stradivarius, New Look, and CityMax

Dress and shirts from New Look, CityMax, and Zara

Gladiator sandals and accessory from New Look
Handbag from Peacocks

Sequined flats from New Look.

I even made a friend jump with glee by taking her to stores that were still on sale. And she couldn’t help but swipe that card! I’m a BI much?! Hey, she’s from UAE so what are the odds that she’ll be finding these items there? Okay, chances are, she will but… will she find them in those pretty cheap prices?! Yeah, I thought so too. Now, I’m tagged as her “ultimate shopping buddy in Riyadh” in our Facebook pictures. Hehe.

Once in a while, we have to do that… surprise ourselves by doing something unpredictable and owning something we could’ve ignored in the first place. And, finding people whom we can share our interests! It’s been a wonderful season. I’m ready to let go now only because there’ll be another that’ll start mid-year.

Sigh. July’s S/S Season Sale seems such a long wait noh? Double sigh.

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