Solids and Pastels


These are the details that made our week:
(Click photo to find out.)

This week, the Pink Tarha Girls* and friends bring you the hot colors of summer!
*Eyecandy23’s key item for the week is missing because of another commitment she’s soon to blog about. 😉

Fashion Top 5
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  1. I do wear pink. Favorite ko nga ung 2 polo shirts ko e. Collezione and Bossini.<BR/><BR/>I wear it with my off-white slacks and black Florsheim shoes (echos, Rusty Lopez lang pala! Mahirap lang ako e).

  2. Cool… Blue is my favorite color – all hues and shades.<BR/><BR/>My other two favesies are not in your summer color: <BR/>Black to camouflage the excess fats and White to look dapper and fresh!<BR/><BR/>I don’t mind wearing pastel hues of blue, yellow and very light pink. But dark pink…oh no!<BR/><BR/>Nebz, I also got one dark pink Arrow Shirt given to me. I wore it once but never wore it

  3. @nebz: do we see a man fashionista in the house?! woot! ;)<BR/><BR/>@desert aquaforce: chuck the whites and blacks! wear vibrant colors for summer, esp. when you’re outside. leave the black to us girls in our abayas, 😛

  4. Hahaha… I know the blacks and whites are not in tune with summer and I guess I’ll go with what you say… In fact, I’m now thinking of changing my office white bush-polo into pastel colors (I’ll just transfer the company logo) Mag-isa lang naman ako with that style kaya pwedeng maging fashion statement.<BR/>From now on, you’re Desert Aquaforce’s fashion consultant…make sure you have the skill

  5. asteg nung flag colors. katuwa naman

  6. @desert aquaforce: we’ll be glad to be your fashion consultants. hehe. what to do with the extra bulges? hmn, wear a sauna belt… or a corset/girdle! hehe!<BR/><BR/>@ sugarcoated cynic: inuunahan na namin ang independence day! 🙂

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