Saudi Arabia is one of the few actual realms left in the world which is lead by a King… And I was fortunate enough to see him.

His Royal Highness King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Head of the House of Saud and also the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. His portrait is seen in every nook and corner of Saudi Arabia. Everyone respects the King.

It was 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday in the office; all employees are tired and wanted to go home. Office hours, kalas!

Eyecandy23 called Sundrenched and informed her that the Royal Family is around. The armored trucks and guards outside our building made it so obvious. We hurriedly went down to catch a glimpse of a prince or a princess, just anyone royal. We decided to use the stairs when I saw someone I admire use it. Before reaching the hallway on the first floor to the outside door, a guard told us to wait. We stood there frozen.

We watched in astonishment as a couple of royal guards, princes, and officials walked past. And then the King, yes, HRH King Abdullah, entered our line of vision. For a moment, we stood there not knowing what to do. We were just simply amazed. I think I was still holding my breath from the time I recognized him until the time he exited my vision. We followed him and his entourage outside and saw him sit in the passenger seat of his black car with untinted windows. I cannot explain my emotion during that time. It was my first time to see the King personally and I was too caught up in the moment!

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah
Image from
ABC News.

The King of Saudi Arabia wears a white thawb (or thobe) and white cape with gold linings. He looks very calm and elegant in it. His mere presence invokes remarkable authority. He seems younger in person than the imposing figure on pictures plastered in almost every shop in the Kingdom. Too bad we were not permitted to take a photo of him.

Still, now I can proudly say:

I have seen the King of Saudi!

Have you? Share your experience here!

Saudi Arabia

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  1. saucytimmy Reply

    wow nakita mo na pala ang amang hari, ako kaya kailan???

  2. nasa third floor lang naman ako nang mga panahong dumaan ang hari! sayang…

  3. haha, ang galing naman! Buti ka pa, ako picture lang at sa pera pa.

  4. hahaha!! Oo nga swertehan lang! =)

  5. Buti kp nakakita n ng tunay n hari. Kahit ako cguro, magkakandarapa sa paghabol kapag nagpunta sya malapit sa amin.<BR/><BR/>My kings are limited to that of a heart, spade, clubs and diamond. Pathetic!

  6. wawa naman ikaw…<BR/>hehehe.. naku kung hindi pa kami nagmadali sa pagbaba ng hagdan baka di namin naabutan si King e.. swerte lang talaga.. sobrang starstruck talaga ako, at least masasabi ko nakita ko na talaga ng personal si King Abdullah.. pero dati nakita ko na din yung isa sa mag kapatid niya si Prince Salman kamukang kamuka niya.. ganun din bantay sarado…

  7. seeing HRH personally… hay, a moment to remember forever! kalurkey!

  8. ahahahaha. that’s life. sometimes you are rushing towards something and when you get what you want natutulala ka na lang. steg. Life is such a crazy and cool way of putting accidents together.

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