The Final Steals

Last Wednesday, we teleported immediately to Debenhams, Kingdom Mall to join forces with the whole she-bang of the “Buy 1, Get 1” sale and unite with fellow shoppers alike. It was a hot mess, hundreds of people and clothes strewn everywhere! I felt so much for the salesmen…poor them. It was so graphic, you had to be there to know what I’m talking about. And you had to at least encounter one person that you know who is on the item-hunt. Almost everybody I knew was there!! Haha. It was a circus! And I loved being there! Although wearing my three-inch boots the whole time took its toll on me…but hey, no pain, no gain right?!

The voyage to Debenhams:
I kinda risked my arm for this shot, coz I was trying to shoot it from inside the limo…Photography isn’t encouraged (bordering on illegal) in Saudi Arabia, much more in Riyadh, but I try to get away with it as much as I can.
Flags outside the entrance of Kingdom Mall:
Hear ye! Hear ye! Buy 1 and Get 1 Free for THREE DAYS ONLY!! hehe
Can. Hardly.WAIT.

The massive crowd awaits the re-opening of Debenhams in Kingdom Mall after the last salah.

My items for that night:

My free item: Black corduroy skinny jeans from Jasper Conran.
70SR from 150SR.


The night’s winner: A checked, frill hem shirtdress with a tie waist belt. I figured it’d be perfect for a summer walk in the park. From Oasis, 150SR from 325SR. I saw this from last week and was so thankful to see that the last piece on the rack was my size!

I bumped into a relative of mine who gave me a hundred riyals, so I basically just spent 50SR total for the night’s shopping spree. 🙂 Yay me!

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