Anatomy of a Shawarma (Part 2)

Brace your stomachs food lovers! Especially Shawarmadevotees such as myself. I proudly present a second installment of the “Anatomy of a Shawarma” post. Below, you shall bear witness to what we refer to as the “Shawarma Plate“. An equally scrumptious alternative to eating a rolled-up Shawarma with your hands. It has all its ingredients (bread, chicken, vegetables, pickles, garlic sauce and french fries) spread out on a plate for those who prefer to wolf down their shawarmas with a knife and fork. The serving is much larger and of course, 2-3SAR more than what we usually pay for an ordinary Shawarma. But it’s worth it!

Scroll down and salivate!

This is from Assaraya Restaurant:
their Shawarma Plate in all its glory.

This costs around 10-12SAR, I think.
To. Die. For. XD
Some Shish Kofta (mixed, minced meat rolled up and grilled).

Appetizers: The green stuff is called Taboule, the white stuff is the heavenly Aioli aka Garlic Mayonnaise sauce and the one below is my favorite, the Babaganoosh! YUM-OH!

What are you waiting for?? Go on, call for a Shawarma delivery! Better yet, go get one yourself at the nearest Mama Noura or Assaraya Restaurant you can find! C’mon…You know you want to…


Cheers! *burp*

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  1. shami oh shami i love it.oi mama noura near the hospital?kumusta naman ang amoy ng hininga mo after eating lol.

  2. @mightydacz: "shami"? is that your term of endearment for the shawarma? *cute* just gargle some corsodyl after eating and you’ll be fine. 😉

  3. Anonymous Reply

    oh my lawd! the pictures are making me salivate. i miss riyadh even more now. good post! 🙂

  4. Shawrap naman! Last week we took a shawarma plate and I wouldn’t mind taking one right now because your pictures look soooo appetizing!

  5. Shawarma is good with the Alioli but the Taboule as starter makes it a perfect meal!

  6. ang "SARAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP"….<BR/>naglaway tuloy ako..

  7. @ anonymous: thanks! :D<BR/><BR/>@ Nebz: taking the photos was kinda like "torture" because as i was busy trying to get good shots, the rest of my companions were devouring their shawarma plates already…*huhu* but hey, i’m glad to know the photos did their job! m/-.-m/<BR/><BR/>@ Desert Aquaforce: do you think there’s ever gonna be a chance for a "shrimp shawarma"? hmmm…department of

  8. variety of shawarma huh? hehe. How the tarha’s here doing? How’s riyadh? Akala ko mapapalipat kami ng riyadh pero we’ll see.<BR/><BR/>basa muna ako.

  9. One thing i miss about Saudi Arabia is the FOOD!!!! Can&#39;t duplicate the taste… Nothing like it here in California and nothing like it in the Philippines. Even Lance, Dustin, Elias, and Dr. Senadrin have found a spot somewhere in Manila wherein the taste of the food is as close as its going to get to the food we used to enjoy in KSA. But still FOOD!!! The Chicken Shawarmas for SR2.00 with

  10. Can you guys make the website wherein the food actually pops out of the screen and i can just take it and eat it? pls… i am so hungry for shawarma right now ms. tejano… being deployed in Afghanistan right now is not helping my cravings… 🙁

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