Bling Fest

Excuse us for the delayed Collage Week (Sundrenched’s fault!). This is supposed to be last week’s collage.

Enjoy our bling fling last week as we pay homage to the start of yet another summer in the Kingdom. Summer flings will be long in this side of the earth… (and we call it a “fling”?!). Anyway, hope y’all be bedazzled!

The PT girls also romance the homeland in this edition. Proud Pinays much? Look how we wore the Philippines this week:

Accessories, and all that jazz…


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  1. ang cute cute noong camera na necklace..

  2. hehe, proud Pinay indeed! by the way, have you heard about the project TWITCH?

  3. @maryhadalittlehump: yup, so cute! only Sr20 from Citymax. Looks kindda vintage too.<BR/><BR/>@Mr. Thoughtskoto: Yes, we’ve read about it and the PT girls are willing to help. Will email you for further details. Thanks.

  4. what’s twitch?<BR/><BR/>anyway…cool naman…sana maka-divi ulit ako will find a way to send something to eyecandy on her bday. +_~

  5. @sugarcoated cynic: you can find project twitch on mr. thoughtkoto’s blog. :)<BR/><BR/>can you please send us some divi finds too? hehe!

  6. Hay Divi!! I miss Divi.. hehehe ^_^

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