Topshop vs. Citymax (Origami Blouse)

I dropped by Citymax, Thalateen the other night for a short walk after a hefty dinner at Assaraya Restaurant. I would normally just scout at what the store had to offer and would pick one good find at a typical non-sale day. I was surprised to see that they had 2 items identical to what I had bought from the previous sales.

I got this from Topshop and they call it their ‘origami’ blouse. I just love the folded details near the collar and the bow too. The original price was SAR 260 reduced to SR 65. Citymax had the same grey stripe blouse. They were also offering it in a different color, lemon yellow which I bought. You can’t say no for SAR 40!

The obvious difference was the material used. Topshop has a better textured fabric that was quite stretchy. Citymax has a thicker, smooth non-stretch fabric. The other identical item they have was this cardigan. I bought mine from Ms. Selfridge. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a shot of their version.

Other great stuff I got from Citymax were:
Smock dresses

Tulip skirt

And my fave from this batch is this black & white bow cardi:

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  1. wow confession of a shopaholic-pinay fashionista.Now i know what do ladies wear and their fashion statement behind the abaya here in the desert, well it is so ironic kala ko daster pwede na lol

  2. @mightydacz: daster?!? LOL!!! <BR/>well that’s better than kamison. ;P<BR/>seriously guys, we wear decent clothes underneath the abaya especially when we go out.

  3. I had a roommate who is from Riyadh. *wink wink* and she tells me about this stuff too. It’s like if you wear what your mood is. Even if you have to cover it up.<BR/><BR/>"Why do you wear pretty clothes underneath, e wala naman nakakakita?"<BR/><BR/>"Because we know we are."

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