From Tokyo to Riyadh

I hope you’ve enjoyed our food trips so far, evident in our recent posts. But then there’s more…

If you’re in search for great Japanese food, this is a must-visit place: Tokyo Restaurant.

Resto’s facade complete with the Japanese lanterns and curtains

Located along Al-Orouba Street, Tokyo Restaurant offers great Japanese food at reasonable prices without sacrificing taste.

A group of six can eat comfortably here

Salad and miso soup for appetizers

Their Bento Box is my favorite. It’s a taste of everything in one meal. It consists of mainly the basics of a bento: chicken and fish teriyaki, shrimp, fish and vegetable tempura, sashimi, potato balls (koroke), omelette, tofu (varies depending on which day you come), rice, sauces and pickles. This ‘little of everything’ goes a long way. It is now a common ritual to take pictures first before eating, which takes a great amount of self-control specially if the food looks this good.

The Bento
What better way to conclude a sumptuous meal but with ice cream! But this is no ordinary ice cream. The flavor? Green Tea. Yes, you read it right. In-house green tea ice cream topped with sweet mung beans. The color is quite enticing in itself. Yum!

I scream for green! 

Tea or me? Tea siyempre.

So if you’re looking for a Japanese Restaurant that’s better than the fast food offerings, visit this place and you’ll be satisfied with the good food and great service. Onaka ga suita. Sayonara 🙂

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  1. I just love Japanese food Pink Tarha-san!

  2. nagulat ako sa pic mo. ang coke nila nsa babasaging bottle din? prang na miss ko na yun bigla ha! 😀

  3. Got several awards for you ladies. Please get it at the desert coast by the Red Sea.

  4. can I just say…GREEN ICE CREAM!!!<br /><br />and lastly…I am definitely buying jap food on my date later. christ.

  5. @ Desert Aquaforce and @ sugarcoated cynic<br />Cheers to all Japanese food lovers like us :)<br /><br />@ mommy ek<br />Nakaka-miss nga and I was surprised too. I told the waiter, wow may nakabote pa talagang coke dito! They say mas masarap daw yung nasa bote?

  6. the doctor is thin Reply

    hey, where is this specifically? am a jap food addict and i just get my jap fix at the samurai in faisaliah, i think this one is more ‘genuine’. =)

  7. I sooo love maki. Twice ko pa lang natikman pero na-in love talaga ako. D p authentic un ha dahil Pinoy ang gumawa.<br /><br />Pero alam mo ba na Pinoy din ang nagluluto sa Tokyo Restaurant? Bakit nga kaya ganun no? Siguro dahil kapag authentic na Hapon ang nagluto, mahal ang presyo.

  8. Maricel Mendoza Reply

    Hi PINOY SUPERMARKET RIYADH management, would like to know if you had an employee ame CARLITO VILLANUEVA, please tell him to text or call me to this no.. 0915-445832 or 0922-5366105 ASAP! Thank you and more power!

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