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Ladies, you’ve read the basic rule of fashion right? No woman should be without a little black dress. Every woman should have a simple black dress that transcends fashion trends. It should be that dress that can take you from casual to semi-formal to elegant. It can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories, clutches, and shoes. The LBD is a staple in your closet. Who doesn’t have one?!

Last month, Centrepoint had their 50% off sale. Early this month, they dropped their prices even more. Who took home some loot from the sale month? I did! I scored three little black dresses that are simple, versatile, and very, very affordable.

Coco Chanel, I am channeling you in these sleek numbers:

Dresses from MS Essentials in Centrepoint.

Three LBDs.

Can you guess how each dress costs? SR20! Yes, you read that right. SR20. Who can even say no to these ridiculously low-priced dresses? And who says a woman should only have one LBD?! 😛

Two of the dresses used the same sheath fabric while the third one is an eyelet dress. They’re not too revealing which is great because I’m of the conservative kind. Teehee. I love sleeves (because I have huge arms :P) and I love lengths that sits comfortably a few inches above the knee. I know that black is such a neutral color but I think that’s the beauty of these dresses. I can throw in whatever accessories and shoes that I want and get away with a pop of color for any occassion. I can also wear skinny jeans or leggings and still come away looking thinner than I really am. Hehe.

And for some more added color, I can just pick from among the scarves and belts I have stashed in the corner of my closet:
Eeny meeny miny mooooo!

Ladies, remember this: “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”

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  1. I have my own little black dress. I wore it on special occasions with family, friends and even on my graduation! I wore it over jeans, black slacks (I am tall so I can do this without looking like a *stops sentence here*) and I wear it to bed if I am feeling very unpretty. It fit me like a glove when I was 55kgs and it still fits me now that I am 70kgs. And where did I get it? For an UKEY. ^^ I

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