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The internet is such a powerful tool not only for networking, but of course for shopping! Browsing on online shops is my favorite time-killer. Yes, instead of resting my eyes from the computer, this habit is just making my eyesight worse than it already is. When it comes to online shops, Etsy tops my heart. For those who are not familiar, Etsy is a online shop of everything handmade and vintage. The list of stuff for sale are endless! From homemade necklaces, soaps, foodies, clothes, pet stuff, feather headbands, wedding souvenirs, vintage dresses and eyeglass frames…you name it! And the best part is that they’re all handcrafted or handmade by microsellers who are able to showcase their creativity.

Another thing I love about Etsy is that the ‘shopping atmosphere’ is friendlier than that of other online shops. In my opinion, the sellers are more honest and welcoming. When you create your account, you can save your favorite browsed items and see when these items have been sold. Payments are all made thru Paypal, so it’s a must that you have an account in there. You can also start your own online shop in Etsy and be a seller yourself. I’ll suffice with being a ‘buyer’ for now.

Sharing my favorite Etsy finds here:

Hand-painted journal Photo from seller

Made of canvas and hand-painted, I had it personalized by asking the seller to paint my name at the back part.

Lace necklace

I love how this piece dangles just below the collar bone. It is made of cream lace, with vintage beads in powder blue. It adds a romantic touch to any outfit. I’ve been stopping myself from buying more…haay.

Cup earrings

Spoon and fork earrings

Pretty obvious how much I love coffee and food, I have to wear them on my ears too!

Vintage peach dress
Photo from seller

I can’t wait until this arrives. Surprise, surprise (kung kasya!).

Nest necklace
Photo from seller

Finch hairpins
Photo from seller

Accessories should have themes.

Love plastic rings

I love ‘LOVE’ written and worn everywhere.

Betchay’s collar and tag
Photo from seller

The maarteng shih-poo has her share too.

Explore Etsy now and share us your latest finds!



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  1. i soooo love the nest necklace and the hair pins theyre soooooo kyut….hihihi

  2. i love the LOLA and ZOE tags..<br /><br />and also that one for Betchay…<br />wish i could see betchay&#39;s wearing it! hehehehehe!

  3. Ang kikay (kyut kyut)naman ng mga yan,,,,<br /><br />gusto ko yung embroidery; mahal ba?

  4. Salamat girls!<br /><br />@ A-Z-E-L:<br />naku ang hirap ngang ipasuot nung collar dahil tinatanggal ni Betchay. mas gusto niyang kagating kesa suotin, hehe.<br /><br />@Francesca:<br />around 24 USD. maraming choices from the store, worth it na din dahil unique.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    do you know where one can buy hand made things/clothes in Riyadh ? Such as scarfs/shawls/pashminas, dresses…etc.<br />thanks

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